Hyperlite 2-Person Ultamid: Fast Shelter

My experience . . . I don’t always have much time to get shelter over my head. No time to unpack and pitch a tent. No time to find trees and string a tarp. Or no trees. Most of those moments are driven by the undercurrent of desperation as violent squall or windstorm is approaching. […]

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Surf Kayak World’s – Spain 2007


2007 World Surf Kayaking Championships video by Buck Johnson. This one is the Masters HP Final. Read Melissa Stevens review of the competition in Spain.

Yellowstone River Canoe Trip


Sawyer barely crests 100 pounds, but he’s comfortable in class 3 water and already has a trip resume many adults will never achieve.

Cyclone Threatens Tasman Sea Crossing Justin and James Ask Readers “What Do We Do Next”


Follow the latest news on their website www.crossingtheditch.com.eu According to the Sydney Morning Herald Justin Jones and James Castrission are 1440 kilometres out in the Tasman Sea with a Cyclone looming. The storm will not directly hit them but their progress has been impeded due to headwinds from the cyclone 2000 miles to their north-east […]

Grand Canyon Canceled Permits Announced for 2007/08


In an announcement e-mailed only to registered applicants, Grand Canyon National Park has announced a lottery for canceled non-commercial river permits for the rest of 2007 and 2008. The first trip in the lottery is December 11, 2007. The remaining December 2007 dates are the 16th, 25th, and 26th. The 2008 lottery dates are all […]

Missing Canoeist Turns Up After 5 Years


UPDATE: ‘Canoe Man’ Arrested by Police Looks like the mystery was solved. Due to a photo on a ‘Move to Panama’ website featuring John and his wife Anne taken in 2006, John has been arrested. Turns out the amnesia was faked and the canoeist, missing since 2002, was living in Panama the whole time. It […]

Red Canoe Journal Leg 5 – American Falls to Burley , Idaho


“Either of you want $20 to shuttle us down to Massacre Rocks?” I’m pointing the question in the direction of two dudes fishing off an aluminum dock beside the boat ramp. They twist around in their camp chairs and eye me suspiciously, taking in the red canoe strapped to the roof of our car. The […]

Dog Saves Canoeists Life


A search and rescue team in a motorboat pulled an unconscious Tish Smith from the waters of Lake Huron after her canoe capsized in a sudden storm, but the real hero is her dog Echo, an unassuming shepherd-collie mix who swam in circles around Smith for about six hours until rescuers arrived. On July 16, […]

Paddlers Holiday Gift Guide


Every paddler wants more gear – it’s genetic. Here is a whole closet full of goodies that will make the boater in your family almost as happy as being on the water. For the Kayak Fisherman – Kayak Fishing Gift GuideFor the traveling boater – Traveling Paddlers Gift Guide Vasa Ergometer, $1,299-$1,899 (vasatrainer.com) Want to […]

Travel Gear/Holiday Gift Guide


Sometimes the best paddling is halfway around the world. Here’s some gifts that make the trip go better, faster, and safer. Plus, this year’s best gifts for the traveling boater. For the Kayak Fisherman – Kayak Fishing Gift Guide Gifts for Any Paddler – Boaters Gift Guide ExOfficio BUZZ OFF Baja Long-Sleeved Shirt, $85 BUZZ […]

Gift Guide for Kayak Fishermen


Go fish for birthday treats for your favorite angler. Seairsports Coiled Fishing Rod Leash, $22 (seairsports.com) The rod leash is the most underrated piece of equipment in the angler’s gear bag, and can save them hundreds or thousands of dollars. Capsizes happen—and if it’s not tied down, it is sinking. Pacific Angler Kayak Fishing Seat, […]

Tatlow Teaser


Bryan Smith’s epic Tatlow footage from 2007

Canada Creates Huge Nature Preserve Sets Aside Over 10 Million Hectares in the NW Territories


The Government of Canada has taken a major step to protect and conserve Canada’s north by announcing the withdrawal of over 10 million hectares of land, one of the largest land conservation initiatives in Canadian history near the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, and around the Ramparts River and Wetlands, both in the Northwest […]

Reno River Festival 2008 Dates Announced


Kayaking’s most accomplished paddlers are preparing for the 2008 Reno River Festival, May 9-11, 2008. The 5th annual competition will held in the heart of downtown Reno in the Riverwalk district at the Truckee River Whitewater Park. Top kayakers from Australia, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Costa Rica and the United States are set to compete. […]

Kayak Fishing With Kids


The lake was modest, only a few acres, and the stocked trout held proudly by my grinning son didn’t outstretch a ruler. James had been zipping around on a Hobie pedal kayak, having too much of a good time to stop and fish. Then I’d hooked the trout. Moments later the rod was in his […]

Canoe & Kayak’s Favorite Paddling Tales20 Great Reads That Entertain and Inspire


As the mercury dips and cold winds start to blow through much of North America, many paddlers find themselves channel surfing more often than plying their favorite waterway for entertainment. Don’t despair, we’ve put together a list of some of the last century’s greatest boating tales in which to immerse yourself while curled up by […]

Canoeing the YukonLooking for Ghosts at the Headwaters of the Yukon


It’s a little known fact, the Klondike Gold Rush had more paddling than hiking. Snowshoes and hot chocolate were the two things that we wished we had brought more of as we hiked over the Chilkoot Pass to get to our canoe. Now I stood at the shores of Lake Bennett in the cold with […]

Gauley River Rafting


Join ‘Video Rafter’ Mike Stoll as he takes you down the Gauley River once again.

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