Paddle Georgia Appreciates and Protects

By Katie McKy Imagine paddling with 400 of your nearest and dearest friends in a Skittles-colored fleet. This is the tenth year of Paddle Georgia, a 7-day, 115-mile journey on Georgia’s longest river, the Chattahoochee. It’s a river that’s as fun to paddle as it to pronounce, with waterfalls, 100-foot granite cliffs, caves that once […]

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Red Canoe – Jackson Hole


Jackson Hole Paddling the Snake in Wyoming’s brutal winter historically has been regarded as the height of foolhardiness. That reputation was forged in 1876, when Lt. Gustavus Doane and six soldiers set out to explore the entirety of the Snake, from Yellowstone to the Columbia. The expedition was a disaster. Travel was slow in the […]

The J-Stroke


Gunwale, yoke, thwart, tumblehome? Canoeing has it’s own language. At least the J-stroke, the movement most commonly used to propel a solo canoe, is what it sounds like—the paddle blade traces a letter “J” as it provides forward momentum while keeping the boat tracking in a straight line. 1. Reach forward to plant the blade […]

Salt River Rising


We each lie in our separate tents, quietly fretting about the fast-rising river not 50 feet away. The steady drone of raindrops and the deep-throated clatter of boulders rumbling along the riverbed don’t make us rest any easier. Four of us are bivouacked along the flooding Upper Salt River in the southern Arizona desert, our […]

Red Canoe – Journey down the Snake


Leg One – Oxbow Bend – Grand Teton National ParkRed has seen more abuse than most 17-foot Dagger Ventures her age, but never conditions like this……… Leg Two – Jackson HolePaddler:Jim StanfordPaddling the Snake in Wyoming’s brutal winter historically has been regarded as the height of foolhardiness……..

Paddling Technique: Forward Stroke


Paddling like Greg Barton takes years of practice and precise technique.

Canoe Costa Rica


Costa Rica holds bragging rights to endless beaches, fertile valleys, rugged cloud-forested mountains, and more than 100 volcanoes.

Red Canoe – Oxbow Bend


Red has seen more abuse than most 17-foot Dagger Ventures her age, but never conditions like this. It’s the middle of January, and Jackson, Wyo., is in the midst of an unusually bitter cold snap. On the way to the river this morning the car’s thermometer read 27 below and a sign on the road […]

LVM – Big Waves


LVM – Eastern Canada Big Wave Update video clip

Glacier Park Family Paddle Trip


Since moving down from Alaska a few years ago, I have longed for a place with the same glacier-sculpted landscape, where grizzlies lounge in pristine creeks, munching on salmon. In all the lower 48, I’ve only found one place that comes close: Glacier National Park in Montana. The park straddles the Rocky Mountains as they […]

US Rafting Teams Prepare for World’s


Members of the Timberline Women and Behind The 8 Ball rafting teams, who will represent the U.S. at the World Rafting Championships next week

July 2007 Table of Contents


Go Fish! with our special Kayak Fishing Issue of Canoe & Kayak magazine – on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! On the Cover:Testing fishing kayaks in northern Baja, Mexico. Photo by Rober Zaleski. DESTINATIONSDenver, Colorado – Get wet in the high country. By Doug […]

Traditional Canoe Fishermen on the Nile River


A day in the life of traditional Ugandan fishermen on the Nile River.

Alpacka Packrat


Is the Alpacka Raft the real deal? Packrafting is a legitimately novel way to explore new waterways.

Paddling Terms


Learn the Lingo – A Glossary of Uncommon Paddling Terms first appeared in Beginner’s Guide ’07

LVM – Eat That Russia


LVM goes to Russia

Rafting Russia’s Bashkaus River


Four rafters ruffle the iron curtain in homemade rafts.

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