Week in Review: December 19, 2014

Bear Grylls on surfing the Ottawa River: “If he capsizes…he might not survive.” A little over-the-top? Maybe, but Devyn Scott sure is good at what he does Kayak launch fail. This shouldn’t be so difficult Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm La Garganta del Diablo, The Throat of the Devil Aptly named Kev Brady […]

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Six Fishy New Rides Fish Kayaks Fresh out of the Oven


Testing an open-deck fish ’yak is easy- you go kayak fishing. If you get lucky, you go kayak catching. Fortunately for C&K’s pair of fish fanatics, six of the hottest new catchy kayaks represent the state of fishing kayak art; most are purpose-built for silently stalking finned adversaries. There’s also a budding revolution in construction […]

Beijing BreakdownAmerica’s top slalom paddlers fight for Olympic spots


D-day, Augsburg. That’s the storyline this month, as America’s top slalom paddlers fight and scratch for the right to represent their country in the 2008 Olympic Games. On the bubble are the best U.S. slalom kayakers of the current generation, Brett Heyl and Scott Parsons. Both have Olympic experience and both are capable of medaling, […]

Longest Running River Festival in Alaska is Still On


For 31 years, the Nenana River Festival has filled Denali with boaters from all over the state to race and surf down the icy waters of one of Alaska’s greatest rivers. But with a need for new energy, the longest-running festival of its kind in Alaska nearly didn’t happen this year. It may be a […]

Tribal Journeys Paddle Concludes on Vancouver Island


The sound of 1,000 handcrafted paddles being beaten in rhythm in the bottoms of more than 100 canoes echoed across Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island Monday evening as the boats were drawn to shore in the shadow of Mt. Tzouhalem, the sacred mountain of the Quw’utsum peoples. “Welcome our relatives from the south, from Puget […]

Build Your Own Kayak – Part Three


When I set out a few months ago to build a wood-core fiberglass sea kayak from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit, I did so firmly believing that whatever skills I lacked in things like, say, woodworking and fiberglassing could be overcome with elbow grease and romantic perseverance. I was right, mostly, and the project rapidly […]

Idaho’s Hazard Creek


New Canoe and Kayak managing editor Joe Carberry files a trip report from the heart of the Idaho jungle. Sometimes, in the kayaking world, things just come up gravy. From shuttles to clean lines to portages to the coffee packed in the back of your creek boat setting you off right in the morning, once […]

Check Your Local Webcam Before Paddling


Just before Zak Cross put in for a 20-mile paddle from Quadra Island to Stuart Island in the northern end of British Columbia’s remote Straight of Georgia, he logged onto the Internet. The paddle would take him from the relatively dry side of the Discovery Islands to the mouth of Bute Inlet at the edge […]

Five Classic Water Trails


The water trails phenomenon began in the late 1980s, and now the trend is gathering momentum like a tandem canoe after a few well-orchestrated strokes. Water trails offer everything from maps to well-marked access points and campsites; practically the only thing left to chance on your planned escape is the weather. We covered the grandaddy […]

Trevor’s Excellent Summer Adventure Continues


Post One – May 18, 2008 Post Two – June 15, 2008 Post Three – July 28,2008 Alright folks, update number three. After the las month’s series of fiasco’s,thankfully, this last month has been without electronic or mechanical hassle, and I have been able to focus much more on what I set out to do. […]

Selecting a Guided Sea Kayak Tour in Baja


by Nancy Mertz Sea kayaking has exploded in popularity in recent years. Sea kayaks are stable, the skills are easily learned by anyone in good health, and it is a way to experience marine mammals quietly and closely. Many of the sea kayak tour operators in the southern half of the Baja peninsula, in the […]

Personal Locator Beacon


To truly accept the idea of a personal locator beacon (PLB), you have to accept the idea that every spot on the Earth can now be seen by the network of satellites in orbit. There is no longer any place that is truly wild, unexplored, or free from the reach of technology, which flies in […]

Canoe & Kayak Staff BlogsBoating, Bluegrass and Business: The Great Colorado Road Trip


I’ve never been so happy to get on the L.A. freeway. It’s 4 a.m. and 90 degrees in the desert. Interstate 5 offers a straight shot to the coast and the first promise of a cool breeze since I left Aspen two days ago. Or was it yesterday? The driving days are all blurring together, […]

PGE considers whitewater park for Clackamas River


Portland General Electric is seeking a federal permit to continue operating its dams along the Clackamas River, and part of the plan includes the possibility of developing a whitewater park between the Faraday Dam and River Mill Dam for boaters and kayakers and improve river access for fishing and other outdoor recreation activities. “Bob’s Hole […]

British Columbia Whitewater Photo Gallery


Check out some other British Columbia adventures at www.hellobc.com
Todd Gillman of the RangeLifecaptures whitewater adventures on some classic runs in British Columbia, Canada.

Gear Guide – 14 Foot Rafts For Every Budget


There’s water in them thar’ hills this year, from California to the New York Island, and there’s no better way to experience it than Huck Finn-style from the high-and-dry seat of a raft. But with apologies to Huck and Jim, there are far better materials and designs on the market these days than a pallet-shaped […]

Descending into the Unknown in Papua New Guinea


There are few places left in the world where whitewater kayaks haven’t been. Until we arrived on New Britain, an island off Papua New Guinea, it was one of these places. It’s a landscape of tortured terrain—forested mountaintops divided by dozens of high volume rivers in slot canyons a raft could plug. We’re on one […]

2008 Gorge Games Start in July


The Gorge Games in the Pacific Northwest – the Columbia River – are back. After suspending the games for 4 years (the last ones were in 2004), the Games are back under new management, with events planned for summer 2008 and winter 2009. You can see carnage and courage in a wide array of outdoors […]

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