Expert Advice: Going Big on Lake Superior

Reader Kirk Sloan seeks and finds some expert feedback on his five-day kayaking trip itinerary from his first open-water overnight sea kayak expedition this summer to Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

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A comprehensive list of Paddling Schools

Red Canoe Journal Leg 7:The Daredevil Installment


Standing across from Evel Knievel’s Snake River ramp today I’m wondering what would have happened if Evel had cleared the canyon back in 1974. Yes, the ramp is still there. There’s also rock, worn from people who have bumped across the desert to get a better vantage point, a few spent shotgun shells and beer […]

Five Intermediate Touring Kayaks on Review


Good news. Manufacturers have recognized the needs of intermediate paddlers, and created a new class of kayaks just for you. These 13- to 14-foot boats sport sleek sea-kayak lines plus some beginner-friendly features—like wide hulls and padded seats—for those looking to step up their game, or the length of their trips. All of these boats […]

Shaw & Tenney Paddle Company Turns 150 This Year


Shaw & Tenney, the oldest manufacturer of oars and paddles in the U.S. and the third oldest manufacturer of marine products, turns 150 this year. Started in 1858 as a water-powered manufacturer on the Stillwater River in Orono, Maine, the company has moved twice within the same town and changed owners only three times. Shaw […]

6 Easy River Kayak and Raft Permits


Easy Permits Mean More Fun, Less Red Tape… and more time on the river this summer. Discover lesser-known gems like the hassle-free multi-day runs on this list.

Brown Pelicans Being Considered for Removal From Endangered Species List


Over the last 10 years, while guiding kayak tours at Anacapa Island and along the southeast end of Santa Cruz Island – part of the Channel Islands National Park – there’s always one seabird more than any other species that clutters the volcanic sea stacks and craggy spires at locations like Cathedral Cove and Scorpion […]

Trip Report: Ecuador 6 days, 6 runs, One good time


Darcy is pantomiming to me from an eddy at the bottom of a rapid on Ecuador’s Mishualli River. She’s pointing, tapping her head, and finally motioning with her paddle. I feel like a flustered kid on first base who has forgotten the steal sign.

Outdoors Inc. Hosts 27th Annual Mississippi River Canoe & Kayak Race


On Saturday, May 3rd 2008, the mighty Mississippi will shut down, except for a bunch of dedicated canoe and kayak racers. It’s the 27th running of the largest canoe and kayak race in the southeastern U.S – the Outdoors Inc. Canoe and Kayak Race. For Race Details – www.outdoorsinc.com Over 500 recreational and expert paddlers […]

Six New Whitewater Kayaks for ’08


Whitewater Kayak Review of 6 New kayaks for 2008

Canoe & Kayak Staff BlogKayak Fishing in the Everglades


PREVIOUS BLOGS Jim’s 4/2/2008 Kates 4/6/2008 Kates 3/27/2008 Jeff’s 3/19/2008 4/21/2008 – John Bolivar, aka JB, WebEditor/Photographer Last week it was colder and rainier than a typical cold and rainy Pacific Northwest spring( snow in Seattle in April is too much to take after a wet rainy winter.) It was time for some tropical therapy […]

New Scottish Sea Kayak Trail


The west coast of Scotland is a dream destination for sea kayakers with some of the world’s best paddling and now it will be the location of the UK’s first long distance ‘trail’ for sea kayakers. The route has been devised by Liz and Simon Willis, who live and kayak on Scotland’s west coast, and […]

Canoeing Afghanistan


Amir Shah pulls me out of Katie’s earshot and explains in a hurried whisper the sudden change of plans. “Mr. Jason, I was thinking it’s safer to stay here than Ghorband. This is Hazara area-100 percent safe,”says Amir, my colleague, trusted guide, and an ethnic Hazara. “The district chief said don’t even drive through Ghorband […]

Atlantic city, NJ – Jersey shore paddling is the best bet in town


Las Vegas gets a lot of love as an outdoor destination, but you never hear anything about its East Coast counterpart. That’s too bad. Beyond the casinos, garish shows, saltwater taffy, hip mobster kitsch, and Monopoly street names, paddlers can win big with AC’s surrounding wild forest, decent surf, and big fish. KAYAK FISHING The […]

How To Navigate in Open Water


Southern California sea kayaker Duane Strosaker has paddled the double-digit crossing to the state’s Channel Islands more than 50 times. He often leads friends on the 22-nautical-mile crossing to Catalina Island, and has made five of his trademark “Catalina for lunch” round-trips. To do so, he’s become an expert with a chart and compass, an […]

Canada’s New National Park – Nts’ihch’oh


Conservationists congratulated the Canadian government and First Nations on the announcement of Canada’s newest planned national park ,Nts’ihch’oh(pronounced NAT-chee-oh). The new park will build on 40 million acres protected in Canada’s boreal forest in the past year. Larry Innes, Executive Director of the Canadian Boreal Initiative, joined other conservationists in celebrating today’s announcement of plans […]

U.S. National Park |Here a just a few of these paddling gems


They’ve been designated national parks for one reason: they’re awesome. The National Park Service administrates 391 units, from Denali National Park to the Lincoln Memorial. Here’s a few gems from the dozens that welcome kayakers. Canyonlands National Park The best way to see Canyonlands’ convoluted red rock desert is from the seat of a kayak. […]

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