Canada’s Peel Watershed One Step Closer to Recieving Protection

“It’s a pristine alpine region with stunning scenery, exceptional wildlife, great hiking and whitewater,” says Neil Hartling, the owner of Whitehorse, Yukon-based Nahanni River Adventures and long-time local guide. “The plexus of rivers that form the watershed provide years of expedition options that could fill a career of northern adventures.”

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Urban Paddling


Natalie Warren I have paddled remote, wild rivers in northern Canada as well as urban rivers like the Mississippi. When I’m asked the inevitable question—“Well, how did it go?”—after a wilderness trip, I simply respond, “It was great!” and delve into a story of arctic wolves or moment of self-reflection. But when I’m faced with […]

Wilderness is a Finite Resource


Chris Korbulic The essence of the experience in a true, remote wilderness is being able to imagine yourself there thousands of years before humans harmed many of these places beyond repair. You are not in control of your surroundings but you fit in better here than anywhere. Life becomes simple and you are mindful of […]

Leave No Trace


Looking to lighten your load and lessen your impact? Take a closer look at these seven leave-no-trace wilderness paddle-camping essentials outlined in our July 2014 issue.

Kelty Ultra-light Upslope


To top you off, there’s not much better in the way of minimalist shelter than a dependable tarp-tent combo. We liked Kelty’s ultra-light Upslope. A tight-packing pound of nylon coverage provides 37 square feet of weather protection, popping up to an A-frame fit for two with a pair of paddles. ($99) ← Air Chair Plus  Littlebug […]

Little Bug Senior Stove


Next question: Can you have a fire? If you’re going boreal with ample wood to burn, consider Littlbug’s Senior Stove, an ingenious 19-ounce cylinder of stainless steel that detaches into four pliable pieces that pack well around your sleeping bag. The stable surface for pots and pans captures heat from organic sources or alcohol burners. […]

OmniLite Ti Stove


In you’re in no-fire country, think about versatility and the ability to burn any and all fuel available (gas, diesel, butane, kerosene). The efficient OmniLite Ti cuts weight to 12 ounces, adding strength with a titanium body and supports, and reducing headaches with a simple design and idiot-proof control knob. ($218) ← Littlebug Senior Stove  PVC PoopTube → […]

PVC pooptube


When it’s time to pack it out, don’t forget about your own waste. For permitted wilderness stretches that require personal waste disposal, the C&K staff likes to let each handle his or her own (vs. the communal groover blues). Enter the kayak-ready, homemade PVC pooptube. Save a few bucks more by “collecting” in a large-cylinder […]

Cobra CPP 300 Solar Charger


As the mantra goes, leave only footprints and take only photos. Keep your digital memory-maker humming with Cobra’s slim, efficient, and lightweight CPP 300 that unfolds a pair of solar panels with micro and dual USB outlets to provide multiple devices a rapid digital boost. ($79) ← PVC PoopTube  Leave No Trace HOME →    

Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus


Meanwhile, the Air Chair Plus—Crazy Creek’s tight, 4-inch-diameter bundle of a comfy and sturdy carbon-spined camp chair—hides a second chamber that inflates to roll out and double as your ground pad. Think 2.5 inches of cushion longenough to rest all of a weary 5-foot-10 paddler. ($125, 2 lbs., 13 oz.) ← Mobile Mummy 800  Kelty Ultra-light […]

Mobile Mummy 800


  First, think about doubling down on your sleep system—meaning a bag, pad, and shelter that can each serve dual purposes. For nighttime insulation, Sierra Designs’ Mobile Mummy 800 offers an innovative twist that can combine your puffy jacket and sleeping bag into a single garment-meets-bag hybrid weighing just 2 pounds, 4 ounces (for the version […]

Achieving GOALS on Oregon’s Rogue River


During a GOALS outdoor education program, kids learn to push themselves physically and mentally, to trust one another, and to recognize the growth that occurs both individually and collectively between the put-in and the take-out.

Whale encounters: How close is too close?


This close encounter with a Southern Right Whale was either a transcendental example of interspecies communion, or an unconscionable crime. Take your pick.

Return to the Rio Roosevelt


Catching up with Dave Freeman and fellow Minnesota adventurer Paul Schurke, who earlier this month completed a 400-mile canoe descent of the Brazilian Amazon’s storied Rio Roosevelt.

Life on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail


“I didn’t want something big to take home to my normal life. I want a trip like the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to be my normal life.”

Ladies’ Ultimate Grand Canyon Gear Guide


Grand Canyon Gear Guide: All of these items performed well under the Grand Canyon’s challenging conditions and met women’s-specific dimensions and needs.

Paddle Georgia Appreciates and Protects


By Katie McKy Imagine paddling with 400 of your nearest and dearest friends in a Skittles-colored fleet. This is the tenth year of Paddle Georgia, a 7-day, 115-mile journey on Georgia’s longest river, the Chattahoochee. It’s a river that’s as fun to paddle as it to pronounce, with waterfalls, 100-foot granite cliffs, caves that once […]

Video: Kayakers Ride Whale


Yes, this really happened. Right whale surfaces under kayakers in Argentina.

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