Destination: The Green River’s Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons

Most of the Southwest’s canyon floats involve serious whitewater. What makes this section of the Green River perfect for sinking into “River Time” is that it dives deep into that rock-wall dimension, but the current stays benign the entire route, a no-brainer for open canoes or touring kayaks. The other draw is that the potential […]

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Paddling Solo Enriches The Soul


The easiest way to paddle a canoe solo is to turn a tandem boat backward and sit in the bow seat, facing the stern. This puts you nearly in the center of the canoe, where you can most effectively control the boat. No need to buy a separate, solo craft for solitary trips, no need […]

Wenonah Introducing New Boats for the 2009 Season


Wenonah announced that three new canoes and eight new kayak models will be available for the 2009 paddle season during the recent Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. Kestrel 120 OC The Kestrel 120 OC (Open Cockpit) is a super recreational kayak that gives the free and easy feeling only an open cockpit can offer. Featuring the […]

Gear Chariot A small craft trailer for canoes and kayaks


GEAR CHARIOT Sportsrig Deluxe $1,999, www.sportsrig.com With gasoline at $3 a gallon, The Sportsrig Deluxe is a trailer that is ready for its closeup. Towing your boats behind your vehicle, rather than strapped to its roof, is guaranteed to lower your fuel consumption, especially on the highway. At 200 pounds, the Deluxe is light enough […]

Five Seaworthy New Sea Kayaks for ’08


When it came time to put this year’s crop of sea kayaks to the test, the adventure-ready crew at Portland’s Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe was more than happy to oblige. They loaded up five shiny new boats and headed for the Oregon Coast, where the mouth of the Salmon River serves up swift tidal […]

Flooding in Grand Canyon Lead to Evacuations


An earthen dam broke near the Grand Canyon early Sunday after heavy rains that forced officials to pluck hundreds of residents and campers from the gorge by helicopter. A private boating party of 16 people was stranded on a ledge at the confluence of Havasu Creek and the Colorado River after flood waters carried their […]

Canoe & Kayak Staff BlogGear and Glitz: Seeing and being seen at Outdoor Retailer


It’s easy to get lost at OR. There’s no time, even with three days, to get everything done—meet and greet, see all the new product lines, and whet the curious appetite for the latest and greatest. So you shorten words, talk in TXT, apply acronyms, abbreviate. Whoops, too long, I mean “abbrev.” “OR” itself is […]

Old School


By Melissa Newell “This is the best day of the whole year. I love it,” says local Idaho paddler, Micah Kneidl. And how could you not when rodeo contestant Ryan Crockett mid-ender, tosses a wooden paddle in the air, allowing it to fall and snap in two against the hull of his upside down Perception […]

Into the Altiplano – Jon Bowermaster


Follow Jon Bowermaster as he ventures into the Altiplano – kayaking in South America’s high desert – this is a segment from his Ocean’s 8 Video Project

Kayak Skills – Learn to Lean


Anna Levesque was on the fast track to law school when she discovered kayaking. Soon the self-described bookworm was vagabonding around the world, following whitewater and representing her native Canada on the freestyle circuit. After a podium finish at the 2001 world championships, she turned her talents toward her driving passion: giving women the skill […]

The ChannelCulture and competition on outrigger’s hallowed water


On a clear October day in the middle of the Ka’iwi Channel, the island of Oahu is a distant smudge on the horizon and 45-foot outrigger canoes, each carrying six strong men paddling full out, appear only as rocking torsos and slashing paddles glimpsed amid the swell rolling down from the north. A record 111 […]

Destination – Utah’s Labyrinth Canyon


I called Eric and Laura on a lark. It was the day before we put in for a last-minute four-day trip down Utah’s Labyrinth Canyon, and I wanted to know if they’d drop everything to come along. It was an absurdly long shot, with the schedules of two adults and two kids to consider, plus […]

2008 Whitewater Hall of Fame Inductees


Whitewater Icons to be Inducted by the International Whitewater Hall of Fame include six Honorees: a Kiwi, two Yanks and three Europeans. The International Whitewater Hall of Fame Board of Governors has announced the 2008 Class of the International Whitewater Hall of Fame (IWHOF). Nominated from over twenty affiliate organizations and voted in by 75 […]

‘Glades of GloryFlorida’s Finest Fishing Just Got Better


Say you’re a snook—a skinny, goofy-looking, hard-fighting fish with a forehead that slopes down to a squished snout, like a duck with an underbite. You are not attractive. But you do taste good, so, lucky you, every meat-hunting Florida fisherman from Cape Canaveral to Tampa Bay has forever bonked you on the head and brought […]

Six Fishy New Rides Fish Kayaks Fresh out of the Oven


Testing an open-deck fish ’yak is easy- you go kayak fishing. If you get lucky, you go kayak catching. Fortunately for C&K’s pair of fish fanatics, six of the hottest new catchy kayaks represent the state of fishing kayak art; most are purpose-built for silently stalking finned adversaries. There’s also a budding revolution in construction […]

Beijing BreakdownAmerica’s top slalom paddlers fight for Olympic spots


D-day, Augsburg. That’s the storyline this month, as America’s top slalom paddlers fight and scratch for the right to represent their country in the 2008 Olympic Games. On the bubble are the best U.S. slalom kayakers of the current generation, Brett Heyl and Scott Parsons. Both have Olympic experience and both are capable of medaling, […]

Longest Running River Festival in Alaska is Still On


For 31 years, the Nenana River Festival has filled Denali with boaters from all over the state to race and surf down the icy waters of one of Alaska’s greatest rivers. But with a need for new energy, the longest-running festival of its kind in Alaska nearly didn’t happen this year. It may be a […]

Tribal Journeys Paddle Concludes on Vancouver Island


The sound of 1,000 handcrafted paddles being beaten in rhythm in the bottoms of more than 100 canoes echoed across Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island Monday evening as the boats were drawn to shore in the shadow of Mt. Tzouhalem, the sacred mountain of the Quw’utsum peoples. “Welcome our relatives from the south, from Puget […]

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