Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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Gabon – Oceans 8


Bowermaster continues on his explorations of the world’s oceans(his Oceans 8 Project) with an exhausting and exhilarating circumnavigation of Gabon’s jewel of a national park, Loango.

Emily Jackson Takes Women’s Freestyle Pro World Cup Title


Competing in her first international competition at the pro women’s level, Emily Jackson proved that this 18-year-old deserves the title of the “future of women’s kayaking” by winning gold at the recently concluded World Cup of freestyle kayaking held in Europe. Jackson crossed the Atlantic en-route to the World Cup with an undefeated record from […]

Aloha OwyheeInflatable kayaks are perfect on one of America’s loneliest rivers


The gorge closed into a pair of dark, forboding gates and we pulled to the left bank to reconnoiter the rapid rumbling below. Thousand-foot volcanic rock walls pinched in from both sides and car-sized boulders blocked the river ahead. This was Owyhee Falls on the Owyhee River’s East Fork, hailed by most as Class VI—unrunnable. […]

Robert F. KennedyAmerican Icon, River-Runner


As many of you have seen…we have been running a series of profiles on prominent paddlers in the Canoe & Kayak magazine. I will be running the series on our web site over the next few months. We’ll start with Robert F. Kennedy, which appeared in our August 2008 issue. If there’s such a thing […]

Manhattan’s Mayor’s Cup Race Set to Run in October


The Mayor’s Cup New York City Kayak Championship is an elite kayaking race around Manhattan Island. This 26.7 mile marathon race will be North America’s premier paddle sports event and soon to be New York City’s largest water event. The Mayor’s Cup will draw some of the world’s and the regions most accomplished paddlers. This […]

Waterproof Digital Marvels Add to Your Paddling Experience


These electronic marvels are not critical to your paddling success , but they sure make a day on the water more fun. And the best part is.. all of these electronic marvels are waterproof and perfect for enhancing your paddling adventures. All the quoted prices are approximate and usually you can find bargain prices on […]

Rafting California’s Tuolumne River


The question seemed straight-forward but the result was unexpected. “Do you want to surf?” Adam Crom had asked from his perch on the back of our blue five-person raft. Four voices sang out “Yes!” in anticipation. “Right turn, right turn, right… now stop!” came the staccato commands from our confident Sierra Mac boatman. As we […]

US Surfski Championships in San Francisco Sept 20-21


The 2008 US Surfski Championships will be staged from Crissy Field in San Francisco, Sept 20-21. Crissy Field is located just inside the Golden Gate Bridge on the South side. This location offers spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, a large sandy beach for launching surfskis, easy viewing opportunities for spectators, […]

25 Year Old Gauley Fest Set to Run Sept 19-21The event is billed as tHE largest river festival in the world


Gauley Fest just keeps getting bigger and better! Started in 1983 to celebrate the derailment of a hydro-electric project that would have disrupted the flows on the Gauley River, Gauley Fest has grown to become the largest river festival in the world. The festival is a showcase for American Whitewater and the top whitewater vendors […]

Perfect CircleCanoeing Canada’s Bowron Lakes


“Ready: standing draw … now!”Chris yells from the stern, as we slide into the Chute and spin across the eddy fence. Suddenly we are barreling straight down the Class II Roller Coaster section of the Isaac River in his restored cedar-canvas Chestnut canoe. As I watch out for rocks in the transparent, emerald water, my […]

Dog Paddling TipsHow to take Rover boating safely


Some days on the river, it can feel as though the paddling world has gone to the dogs—and we say why not? An instinctive swimmer, man’s best friend is a model boating companion, unlikely to Bogart the last beer and entirely incapable of critiquing your stroke. We asked a few experts for advice on how […]

Central California Coast Kayaking


In the depths of a gaping sea cave, I struggled to keep my bow straight while trying to punch through the whitewater-choked exit. As I fought the wishy-washy conditions, an all-too-calm southern sea otter swam in front of me. On its back it barely put any effort into the turbulent surf. Not a care in […]

Eagles,Seals and Orcas – San Juan Paddling


Every year our family travels to the San Juan Islands in Washington state with that years crop of family and friends. The idea is to camp and kayak in the vicinity of Orcas. If we are lucky we get to paddle near these magnificent creatures. read more about Paddling the San Juans Sometimes we get […]

Sean Morley to Attempt Record Breaking Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island


In September 2008 California based British sea kayaker Sean Morley will attempt to break the record for the fastest circumnavigation of Canada’s Vancouver Island. The records currently stand at 23 days 10 hours for a single kayak set by Joe O’Blenis and 19 and a half days for a double kayak set by Kieron Tastagh […]

Paddling Solo Enriches The Soul


The easiest way to paddle a canoe solo is to turn a tandem boat backward and sit in the bow seat, facing the stern. This puts you nearly in the center of the canoe, where you can most effectively control the boat. No need to buy a separate, solo craft for solitary trips, no need […]

Wenonah Introducing New Boats for the 2009 Season


Wenonah announced that three new canoes and eight new kayak models will be available for the 2009 paddle season during the recent Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. Kestrel 120 OC The Kestrel 120 OC (Open Cockpit) is a super recreational kayak that gives the free and easy feeling only an open cockpit can offer. Featuring the […]

Gear Chariot A small craft trailer for canoes and kayaks


GEAR CHARIOT Sportsrig Deluxe $1,999, www.sportsrig.com With gasoline at $3 a gallon, The Sportsrig Deluxe is a trailer that is ready for its closeup. Towing your boats behind your vehicle, rather than strapped to its roof, is guaranteed to lower your fuel consumption, especially on the highway. At 200 pounds, the Deluxe is light enough […]

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