Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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Cosmo Hunk Brad Ludden’s Extreme Kayaking Workout


Brad Ludden describes his exercise regime

Squirt boating at Fascination Alley


Gettin’ down with squirtboaters on the Cheat River, West Virginia.

Cali Burnt Ranch Festival


The Cali Burn Fest Rocked: Here’s proof. Photos from C&K art director Robert Zaleski and intern Brandon Gonski.

The Cali Burn Fest


Three C&K staffers come back burnt

Extrasport X-posed Hoodie


Extrasport X-posed Hoodie, $225 Can one jacket possibly take the place of a separate raincoat and spray top in your gear bag? This Extrasport X-Posed Hoodie might be the one that does it all—our tester wore it kayak touring during a rain-soaked week in Alaska and even skiing in the Andes. The waterproof, breathable 2.5-layer […]

Slalom World Series a Home Run


Last weekend, western Maryland wrapped up the international slalom racing season with the final event of the “Canoe Slalom World Series” at Adventure Sports International, the world’s only mountaintop artificial whitewater slalom course The World Series is a new five-race whitewater slalom series with the goal of expanding the number of high-quality international races beyond […]

Kokatat Meridian GMER Model Drysuit


On of the biggest sources of boater jealousy at any put-in, be it river or ocean, is the drysuit. If you have one, you’re a pimp. If you don’t, you’ve got pimp envy. I put the Kokatat Meridian GMER Drysuit through the paces during a long Washington winter and spring, boating class V snowmelt. While […]

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge


Words and Photos by Jeff Kinney Sweat spiked with sunblock dribbles down my face and stings my eyes as the sun hammers me and everything else in Eastern Maryland’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. It’s 96 degrees, and the air is so saturated with moisture that I just might need gills. But the searing heat isn’t […]

Mission AccomplishedTim Finishes Building His Own Kayak


This is the fourth part in the series on “How to Build Your Own Kayak” Part One Part Two Part Three This day seemed so far away. Nearly a year has gone by since I tore through boxes of plywood, fiberglass, and resins that would one day be my very own double sea kayak. Building […]

Boater VoterFour reasons to vote this year (and one call to action)


Your political mascot might be an elephant, a donkey, or even a bull moose, but if you’re reading C&K that means you have a personal interest in protecting the places you love to paddle. Well, now is the time. Thousands of politicians are running for office this fall, which means there’s no time like the […]

Negotiating NootkaKayaking British Columbia’s Vancouver Island


The thing about hard rains is that once they let up—and they must, eventually, let up—when you flip your hood back off your brow the sudden brightness feels a lot like, well … happiness. That’s how it felt to me, paddling in Nootka Sound on the west side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, after […]

Gauley Fest Lives Up to Billing as World’s Largest and Best Riverfest


Exhausting crazy fun reunion. That is the best description of Gauley Fest that I can come up with. It all starts with Friday’s biblical proportion locust style swarm of kayak-laden subarus, trucks, vans and homemade jalopies encroaching on the small town of Summersville, West Virginia. Then comes the fun. As old friends, kayaking buddies, acquaintances […]

SubsportIs squirt kayaking making a comeback?


I first saw a squirt boat in 1989, on a stretch of tidal whitewater on Maine’s Sheepscot River. I was 14 and kayaking with my Dad. A pointy bow shot straight up from an eddy just downstream of us, its turquoise sparkles gleaming through saltwater foam flecks in the May sun. The bow fell and […]

Canoe QuartetFour new , highly specialized rides


DOWNRIVER WEEKENDER Esquif Pocket Canyon $1,320esquif.com L: 14 ft 6 in W: 34.5 in D: 15.5 in 59 lbs. Available in: Royalex A radically downsized version of Esquif’s expedition-oriented Canyon, this tandem canoe is designed for moving water, tight maneuvers, and a modes load. Four inches of rocker lends quick pivoting ability and the short […]

Birthday’s, Border Crossings and the SkookTrevor’s summer of discovery draws to a close


We followed Trevor Clark on a summers worth of paddling adventures – living in a van, boating and taking pictures.This is the last update in this series of stories about Trevor Clarke’s beginnings as an adventure photographer. Keep watching the C & K website for future stories and great photography from Trevor. Post One – […]

Canoe & Kayak Celebrates 35th Anniversary


This August marked Canoe and Kayak’s 35th year of publication and their 17th year recognizing the best companies in the industry. This is the anniversary video compiled by John Grace of Penstock Productions.

JB’s Slide Show Sample


A kayak slideshow sample of random photos

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