Canada’s Peel Watershed One Step Closer to Recieving Protection

“It’s a pristine alpine region with stunning scenery, exceptional wildlife, great hiking and whitewater,” says Neil Hartling, the owner of Whitehorse, Yukon-based Nahanni River Adventures and long-time local guide. “The plexus of rivers that form the watershed provide years of expedition options that could fill a career of northern adventures.”

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Tyler Bradt on Good Morning America


Tyler Bradt on Good Morning America “If you had been walking by Palouse Falls in Washington state in late April, you may have caught a flash of a red kayak barreling toward certain doom over the falls. Tyler Bradt set a world record by going over the Palouse Falls in Washington. That flash was extreme […]

Pack It


PACK IT Packable Crafts for any Paddling Mission That innate desire to get up and move won’t stop nagging. And that need to venture across the water, to chase the next horizon, often extends far past the reach of your primary car-topped craft. Rack and roll only gets you so far, and when your paddling […]

Texas Water Safari


TEXAS WATER SAFARI Words by Larry Rice Photographs by Blake Gordon I’m not one to take fortune cookies seriously, but this one nearly made me choke on my moo goo gai pan. “Watch out for little problems that could get a lot bigger,” it warned. If the little problems Marc “Canoeman” McCord and I had […]

Circle St John


Circling St John Three strangers circumnavigate a Caribbean gem Words by Mark Anders Photographs by Robert Zaleski Ted Rutherford’s first instinct is to duck. He counts 12 shots, a quick barrage from a semi-automatic weapon. Probably a .22, he reasons, and less than 200 yards away. Having spent 15 years in the military, Ted knows […]

Cody Howard Unfiltered


CODY HOWARD Seeking Truth Cody Howard isn’t your typical 26-year-old paddler. The decorated former Marine fought in the Iraq war’s toughest-pitched battle, and says that experiencing the fog of war has made him appreciate the chaos of whitewater all the more. Since his discharge 18 months ago, Howard has chased big water instead of an […]

AW Opens Up New Run In Wash. State


A group of four kayakers scout the next set of rapids on the Chelan River in the first-ever kayaking test run open to the public Saturday afternoon. A group of four kayakers from the Seattle area and another group of six kayakers from Seattle put in just below the Chelan River Dam in Chelan. Both […]



The Lunch Video Magazine-T-Dub Connection The greatest cultural nuggets are often created in basements, garages or bedrooms. Credit downstairs with the Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan, and the garage space between the lawn mower and tool bench for Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com. And so it’s the dingy bedroom of one Daniel DeLaVergne we have to thank […]

Moab Area Sees Fifth River Death of the Year


For the fifth time this year tragedy struck on a river near Moab, Utah. On Saturday, July 5, Fraser, Colo.’s Timothy Rau drowned in Skull rapid on the Westwater Canyon section of the Colorado River. It was the second time in as many months that a rafter has perished in the tight-walled river section. An […]

Adventures on West Cherry


Adventures on West Cherry

Team Canoe & Kayak takes Team USA


Team Canoe & Kayak takes Team USA Team Canoe & Kayak took gold in the Raft Cross event, June 7 at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colo. The magazine fielded the R-2 tandem of Scott Waidelich, an advertising associate at C&K with Chris Baer, a longtime Arkansas River Valley guide and podium fixture on […]

La La Land | Exploring the used, abused and often surreal L.A. River


Most of the time, a mere ribbon of water and algae collects in the center of this 40-foot deep, 100-foot-wide culvert, and in 1989, a local politician actually proposed turning the river into a dry-season freeway. So when we round a bend in the concrete-walled canyon and spot the maintenance truck rolling down the streambed, […]

World Rafting Championships


Sprint finish: U.S. men’s raft team takes home silver To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. The United States men’s whitewater raft team knows this competition maxim all too well, having defended its title as the U.S.’s top raft team for the past seven years. So the Vail, Colo.-based team wasn’t fazed […]

Waterfall World Record: Pedro Comes Clean


Pedro Oliva talks about his 127-foot huck Pedro checks his line. Chris Korbulic In March, 26-year-old Brazilian Pedro Oliva sent shockwaves through the whitewater world when he dropped a 127-foot waterfall on Brazil’s Rio Sacre. Since then, his run has been cheered and chastised on message boards everywhere. “He’s pushing the sport,” some said, “This […]

2009 Whitewater Standup Paddling Championships


2009 Whitewater Standup Paddling Championships Need proof standup paddling is here to stay? The 2009 Whitewater Standup Paddling Championship will go off May 31 in Glenwood Springs, Colo. The event will feature the world’s best river standup paddlers displaying their paddling prowess on the swollen Colorado River. Local CO river SUP guru Charlie MacArthur, owner […]

Being Erik Boomer


Erik Boomer is like an unassuming rock star, if that’s even possible. He’s a ridiculously good boater but talking big isn’t his thing (think Slash-the G&R version). Going big is (try Roger Plant with Jack Johnson’s attitude). Canoekayak.com sat down with the 24-year-old Liquidlogic hucker to try and pry out some information. Like his thoughts on being the first to run Washington’s Outlet Falls and escaping death in Minnesota.

Kokatat Joins “Go Wild” Inside Passage Kayak Expedition


Kokatat Joins “Go Wild” Inside Passage Kayak Expedition Raising awareness and funds to support threatened wild salmon Arcata, CA In May 2009, Apryle Craig and Phil Magistro will be embarking on a sea kayaking expedition along the British Columbia coast to examine and document the effects of salmon farming on the environment and coastal communities. […]

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