Canada’s Peel Watershed One Step Closer to Recieving Protection

“It’s a pristine alpine region with stunning scenery, exceptional wildlife, great hiking and whitewater,” says Neil Hartling, the owner of Whitehorse, Yukon-based Nahanni River Adventures and long-time local guide. “The plexus of rivers that form the watershed provide years of expedition options that could fill a career of northern adventures.”

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Joey Hall’s much awaited flick, Interference, coming in February


Joey Hall’s much awaited flick, Interference, coming in February Interference: a Kayak Surf Film – Trailer #2 from joseph hall on Vimeo. It’s been a crazy three years for Joey Hall. He’s been frantically working on his surf film, Interference, in between life. He’s scheduled to have his much anticipated flick out in February, a […]

Dirtbag Diaries Morocco


Spencer: My Welsh buddies Nathan and Marc bought a Sprinter van and started driving south from the U.K. to hit surf breaks in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Joey Hall from North Carolina was in on it from the start and I flew over to join them in Morocco. The rig was tall and skinny with […]

Canoe Trippers be Dammed


Canoe Trippers be Dammed By: Conor Mihell A series of hydroelectric dams are threatening to silence the waterfalls and rapids of a historic waterway and an important link for contemporary canoe trippers in the Boundary Waters region. Ontario’s Lac La Croix First Nation and a Toronto-based developer have completed a draft environmental assessment (EA) for […]

C&K’s Best in Paddling issue


Two years ago, James Castrission and Justin Jones arrived at New Plymouth on New Zealand’s North Island, 62 days after setting off from mid-New South Wales, Australia, becoming the first team to paddle the Tasman Sea.

What do you do on a 5,000-mile solo paddle? Talk to yourself.


Jacob Stachovak is in the middle of his 5,000-mile Portage to Portage Paddling Project, a solo kayak expedition around the eastern United States. His adventure links the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes via the Gulf Coast, East Coast, and New York Canal Systems starting and ending in the small town of Portage, Wisconsin (see […]

Science and Survival


Science and Survival Searching for answers, and a way out, on Africa’s Congo Words by Kyle Dickman Photos by Skip Brown The crowd is growing restless. The naked kids thronging around us have quit throwing back flips into the algae-brown water of a sheltered eddy and are joining in a pulsing chant: Muzunga, muzunga! (White […]

Another Cut from the Hurricane Riders


Hurricane Riders –A Documentary

Sea Lion – Hayley Shephard talks about her bold solo sea kayaking expedition


In one week’s time, New Zealand ex-pat Hayley Shephard will leave her home in Alert Bay, British Columbia to sail to the bottom of the globe to attempt the first solo circumnavigation of Antarctica’s South Georgia Island by sea kayak. Lying in the heart of the “Roaring Forties,” South Georgia’s 375 miles of ice- and […]

Photo Shop with C&K’s Rob Zaleski


Housings. Why use one? Anyone can shoot from the sidelines of a river, but to set your images apart from the pack, try a housing. Whether your intention is to impress your bros, fill a blog after a multi-day or get published, housings afford you the opportunity to capture truly stand-out images from unique perspectives […]

Beatdown- An Essay


BEATDOWN- An Essay Every photo tells a story, but not many of them tell the whole story. The day this photo was taken on Punch Bowl Falls, I was dealing with a full-blown case of Giardia, and the only reason I know what happened four miles upstream was because I defied doctor’s orders to join […]

Arlene Burns Unfiltered


Arlene Burns River Guide, Traveler Arlene Burns has led only a handful of commercial trips in the last 15 years, but she still has the unmistakable presence of a river guide. It’s noticeable in a voice that’s friendly, alert, and disarmingly honest. The tone is strangely familiar, too: It’s the heroine of the 1994 thriller […]

Got the Winter Blues | Heres Why Costa Rica rules


Costa Rica: The Goods Part I By Kyle McCutchen via Colorado Kayak Supply A mere two weeks of anticipation went into our last minute trip to Costa Rica for a week of jungle hucking. The decision to bail on all of our family obligations for the Thanksgiving Holiday was made like many great decisions… at […]



For James Baxter, starting a nine-month, 3,800-mile ski and kayak trip in the dead of Norway’s long winter was easy. Using the expedition to raise money for a school-building initiative in the remote mountains of Nepal was the real challenge. But the hardships the 49-year-old Scottish adventurer chose to face–winter camping above the Arctic Circle, […]

Out To Dry


1. Astral Buoyancy redefines creeking comfort and safety with its new Greenjacket. A locked-down lower-torso foam panel under a second, adjustable outer panel means a mobile and customized fit. This USCG-approved vest has 15.5 pounds of floatation and plenty of ‘oh crap’ features, including a 1,200-pound tested rescue harness, Spectra front safety loop and a […]

Dirtbag Diaries: Lost Coast, Northern California


Craig: Chuck Graham and I had been talking about paddling and surfing the Lost Coast for two years, and then everything came together: time, weather and a nice little combo swell. We paddled from Westport almost up to Shelter Cove in five days. Dave: Before we left on the trip, Craig was telling me stories […]

5 Good Minutes With Standup Paddler Brian Keaulana


5 Good Minutes With Standup Paddler (waterman) Brian Keaulana Paddler, surfer, stuntman, waterman – Oahu’s Brian Keaulana is beyond definition. Deeply rooted in the Hawaiian ocean tradition, the stunt double, who has played himself in Baywatch and done scenes for movies like Waterworld and Blue Crush, explains why standup paddling is here to stay and […]

Self-Support Sea Kayaking in Hells Canyon


Sea Kayaks on Rivers explores paddling a Necky Chatham through Hell’s Canyon

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