Rediscover North America: A Gulf-to-Arctic Canoe Expedition

Last year, our readers were so impressed by the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition–a four-month, 2,600-mile canoe journey across Canada’s Northern Territories–that they voted it the Expedition of the Year at the 2013 C&K Awards. But for expedition-member Winchell Delano, crossing Canada’s far north from the Pacific Ocean to the Hudson Bay wasn’t enough. He is planning […]

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The Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium


The Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium A British Invasion By: Conor Mihell Don’t be surprised if skegs outnumber rudders at the second annual Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium, held Feb. 26-28 in San Francisco Bay, Calif. Organizer Sean Morley says the British-style, rough water-focused event was designed as a counterpoint to the typical North American […]

The Best In Paddling


THE BEST IN PADDLING We’ve all been there, lingering in a warm bar after a raw day on the river, or huddled under a tarp on some remote beach, shouting to be heard over the surf and spattering rain. We talk until we’re hoarse about the day’s paddle, about adventures long past and yet to […]

Best Cross-Bow Snow Brace Ever?


A foot of snow is big deal in North Carolina. For Asheville’s Nathan Zumwalt, another big dump this season meant that lightning struck twice for western NC’s resident downhill snow canoeists who aren’t about to wait for things like melting snow to go boating (for Round One, click here).

The Flip Side – Kayak Duck Hunting


As opposed to our last post, where a duck attacks a kayak fisherman, sending him sprawling into the drink, two hunters turn their kayak into a camouflaged mallard hunting machine.

Rec Boat Beatdown


Think you’re having a bad day? Check out this kayak fisherman who gets the beat down of his life.

The Greatest Show on Earth


After over two decades of organizing the Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival, Dennis Judson still speaks with unbridled enthusiasm of what he considers the world’s greatest get-together of big wave paddlers. “Surf kayakers are such a neat group of people,” says Judson, whose Adventure Sports Unlimited is hosting the 24th annual festival March 26-28, at […]

C&K On Assignment: Whatever Floats your Boat


C&K On Assignment: Whatever Floats your Boat By: Conor Mihell At the start, I wondered if I’d assembled the right crew of paddlers to test a quiver of touring kayaks for Canoe & Kayak magazine at Port Townsend, Wash.’s West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. British Columbia’s Hurricane Riders (www.thehurricaneriders.com) are among the freshest faces of […]

A Taste of the Middle Kings


A Taste of the Middle Kings Thankfully, while most of the whitewater boating community waits winter out in full-blown withdrawal, Philly-raised paddler Tim Kelton was cleaning his hard drive and found this gem of a video documenting one of Earth’s greatest multi-day Class V runs – California’s Middle Kings. Here’s something for all you jonsers. […]

Econo Slump


Paddlers are a resilient bunch. We boat in the dead of winter covered head-to-toe in fleece, and duct-tape our dry tops to get through one more season. We subsist for days on oatmeal and happily blow the savings at the first bay-side bar we come to. So to us, this little hiccup known as the […]

C&K ON ASSIGNMENT-Keys to the Raincoast


C&K ON ASSIGNMENT This August, C&K Art Director Robert Zaleski and Associate Editor Dave Shively headed into British Columbia’s lush central ‘Raincoast,’ hoping to find the fabled white ‘spirit bear,’ and to explore the diverse array of everything from near-vertical fjords to rocky, windswept islets. Fortunately, they had the assistance of the Campbell family’s 68-foot […]

Self-supporting the Grand


Twelve days living out of a kayak. Sound fun? Some would argue there’s no better way to see the Big Ditch (Grand Canyon). C&K publisher, Jim Marsh, tags along with the Liquidlogic crew, paddling the minimalists road to nirvana.

5 Minutes with Channel Islands Guide Tony Chapman


5 Minutes with Channel Islands Guide Tony Chapman By Chuck Graham Tony Chapman arguably knows the volcanic innards of the Channel Islands National Park better than any kayaker alive, spending 120 days a year guiding tours through the honeycombed cliffs, primarily on the southeast end of Santa Cruz Island. You would think Chapman would get […]

Officials say Crocs only “Minimal” Threat at South African Paddling Race


Officials say Crocs only “Minimal” Threat at South African Paddling Race How does racing with crocodiles sound? Officials of South Africa’s Dusi Canoe Marathon have reassured competitors that crocodiles aren’t an issue until the final two to three kilometers of the race on the Umgeni River. More than 1700 paddlers started the grueling three-day, 125 […]

Kayak Fishing Tales – Kayak Technique – The RIGHT Way to Use a Rudder


World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting explains that the rudder isn’t just there to help you turn your kayak. It’s principal purpose is actually very different and relates to a key boat handling characteristic that all paddlers should understand.

Hot Spot – Quebec remains fertile ground for canoe talent


Lately, some open boaters have been lamenting the slow death of whitewater canoeing, and at first glance they have a point. Relative to kayaks, canoes are an increasingly rare sight, even in open-boat strongholds like the American Southeast. Look a little further though—anywhere in Canada but especially in Quebec—and it becomes clear that whitewater canoeing […]

Joey Hall’s much awaited flick, Interference, coming in February


Joey Hall’s much awaited flick, Interference, coming in February Interference: a Kayak Surf Film – Trailer #2 from joseph hall on Vimeo. It’s been a crazy three years for Joey Hall. He’s been frantically working on his surf film, Interference, in between life. He’s scheduled to have his much anticipated flick out in February, a […]

Dirtbag Diaries Morocco


Spencer: My Welsh buddies Nathan and Marc bought a Sprinter van and started driving south from the U.K. to hit surf breaks in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Joey Hall from North Carolina was in on it from the start and I flew over to join them in Morocco. The rig was tall and skinny with […]

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