Going Source to Sea on the Missouri-Mississippi

Catching up with Paul Gamache, the second American to paddle the entire length the country’s longest watershed, after 3,900 miles down the the Missouri-Mississippi river system from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico. Gamache’s source-to-sea epic took 78 days to complete.

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Great Himalaya Boating Expedition Part 1


Enter Twang Chu Part I

Bhutan Undercover


Ben Stookesberry goes deep into Central Asia’s unkown



A CASE FOR THE CORE They will see us through Last summer, Outside magazine proclaimed whitewater kayaking dead, citing meager boat sales, the disappearance of the professional freestyle circuit and a five-year-old participation study. The analysis by Associate Editor Grayson Schaffer seems strengthened by the fact that many of the sport’s marquee boat brands have […]

Q and A with Grand Canyon River Guide Charly Heavenrich


Watch the video featuring Grand Canyon River Guide Charly Heavenrich

WEATHER OR NOT – The 2009 Mayor’s Cup


WEATHER OR NOT – The 2009 Mayor’s Cup New York City Mayor’s Cup Kayak Championships organizer Ray Fusco has a tendency of getting more than he wishes for when he assembles some of the world’s best surfski paddlers and dozens of recreational racers for a 28-mile race around Manhattan. “The elite international guys want something […]



Sometimes the Monkey Spanks Back By Harrison Metzger The kayaker flips brutally as her boat twists off the launching pad of Gorilla. Upside down beneath the heavy curtain of whitewater, she plummets 18 feet into the deep rocky vortex, her boat impacting the underwater shelf below with a deep THUMP! That noise is heard dozens […]

Classic Footage from Alaska’s Susitna


Classic Footage from Alaska’s Susitna Barney Griffith’s classic movie shows Darwon Stoneman, Mike Hughes and crew descending the gnarly water of Alaska’s Susitna River in archaic equipment. We just wish the sound hadn’t been lost in Youtube translation. Griffith put the movie together as part of a film school project after participating in Rob Lesser’s […]

When the Surf Launch Goes Horribly Wrong


There’s a right way, and a wrong way

Kayaking Camcorders with Simon Willis


Kayaking Camcorders with Simon Willis Ex-BBC Videographer Simon Willis, who shot and edited the new DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, offers suggestions for videoing sea kayaking. Cameras and water don’t mix. Sadly that goes double for camcorders. A tiny amount of moisture can trigger the internal sensor inside and you’ll not be able to […]

Another Boater On The TODAY Show


Luke Spencer runs Washington’s Outlet Falls

Trolling with Live Bait


Trolling live bait is one of the most effective ways to land fish from a kayak. In this episode of Kayak Fishing: Game On, Jim Sammons provides valuable tips on how to go live and live large.



HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE North Carolina’s Green Race a down home classic The torrential rains that kept classic southeastern U.S. rivers running well into the fall means the locals will be all the tougher to beat at the Green River Narrows Race on November 7. “The phrase has been ‘the southeast is back,’” says Chris Gragtmans, […]

Water Baby: Ruth Gordon on freestyle, life and SUP


Water Baby: Ruth Gordon on freestyle, life and SUP Canadian freestyle kayaker Ruth Gordon has quietly made a name for herself as one of the world’s best competitive paddlers. In the past five years, she’s scored podium finishes in all of the biggest events, including a gold medal at the 2007 World Championships on Buseater, […]

The Scottish Guru


Once described as ‘Sea kayaking’s Obe-Wan Kenobi’, Gordon Brown owns and runs Skyak Adventures with his wife Morag on the Isle of Skye, off Scotland’s west coast.

Taylor Robertson SUP


Taylor Robertson takes Stand Up Paddling to the river on the North Fork of the Feather River.

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