Goods for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A look at C&K Editor-at-Large Alan Kesselheim’s packing list for his summer sojourn on the portage-studded 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from New York to Maine.

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Mini Raft Mayhem


Last June, Canoe & Kayak Associate Editor Dave Shively set out to test the heck out of four slick, two-paddler rafts. Four rivers in five days across Colorado’s Rocky Mountain runoff yielded high water (7,500 cfs on the Colorado’s Shoshone stretch; 3,000 on the Royal Gorge), technical low water (450 on the Piedra), and stupid […]

Boat Book Feathercraft


Each Tuesday, we’ll highlight a company in Canoe and Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Feathercraft Folding Kayaks line. Stay tuned next week for more sacred crafts. KAHUNA / BIG KAHUNA $3,220, skin on frame L: 14′ 9″, W: 25″, 35 lbs. The Kahuna’s accelerate quickly and handle with […]

Hotel Charley 5


Enjoy creekin? Ben Stookesberry’s Hotel Charley 5 is due to be released this spring in celebration of the steeps . Here’s a sneak peak of the gnar, including their first descent of Mexico’s Rio Pixalta. Hotel_Charley_5_Teaser from Ben Stookesberry on Vimeo.

Nick Troutman Wins Reno River Festival


In his hometown coming out party in the men’s division, junior World Champion and Reno Native Jason Craig took second at the Reno River Festival, coming up short to current men’s World Champion Nick Troutman. It was a huge day for the Jackson clan as Troutman’s wife Emily took the women’s title……Read more

Love Your Mother


Kevin Callan never imagined that one woman’s love of canoeing in pristine Ontario wilderness areas would create a global movement to clean up and rediscover “lost” canoe routes. Callan, a well-known Canadian canoeist and author of 12 canoeing and camping guidebooks, is organizing the fifth annual Great Wilderness Clean-up this weekend. The grassroots event started […]

The Lighter Side of The Wave:


— A version of this story appears in 2010 issue of C&K’s Whitewater, available on newsstands everywhere now Advanced composites like Kevlar and carbon fiber have made their mark in everything from Tour de France race bikes to backcountry avalanche probes to tent poles. We’ve been using composite paddles for years, but only recently have […]

Coolest. Celebrity. Ever.


Read C&K’s editor Jeff Moag’s interview with celebrity canoeist Nick Offerman here

Vertical Reality


Vertical Reality EddyFlower and First Descents team up to make the most of time on the water According to professional whitewater kayaker Brad Ludden, the rationale behind the fourth annual EddyFlower Vertical Challenge is simple. “It’s just another reason to paddle,” he says, “as if boaters need another reason to get out on the water.” […]

C&K Behind the Scenes


Product Shoot Time Lapse from Chris Bishow on Vimeo.

The Ultimate Bivouac Kit


In some ways, day-trips have the potential of being more dangerous, and far more uncomfortable, than multi-day outings. Since we only plan to be out for a few hours, we often carry very little with us on day-trips. Some paddlers take little else than what they’re wearing–a potentially serious problem should conditions deteriorate. If your […]

How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak


Wanna’ get into kayak fishing? There’s are a lot of fishing kayaks to choose from. In this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales, Ken Whiting explains how to select the right fishing kayak for your unique needs. Watch How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak video.

The Love Of The Game


I go fishing about once a year, and actually catch fish less often than that. But when I see those bumper stickers—“The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work”—I can relate. My own mantra goes like this: I have never once regretted the decision to go boating. Not once, in almost […]

Come Hell or High Water


The latest event in the growing trend of downriver whitewater racing is seeking more than just the usual mix of speed, thrills and carnage in serious whitewater. This Saturday, Ontario boaters will flood the Petawawa River, a tributary of the well-known Ottawa River, to participate in the second annual Hell or High Water Festival. While […]

Five Good Minutes With Celebrity Canoe Builder Nick Offerman


Cedar-strip canoes don’t normally take starring roles in hit primetime comedies, but Nick Offerman is no ordinary Hollywood celeb. Offerman, who plays the self-absorbed boss Ron Swanson to perfection on the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation, lent his hand-built cedar stripper to the show for a canoe-themed episode that aired March 11. It all […]

This Canoe’s Life


BY COLLEEN KALEDA My dog lifts a hind leg over the old canoe’s aluminum skin and even as I listen to the metallic spattering, I know that I won’t scold him. I can’t blame a dog for marking what he thinks is a large piece of garden art. The canoe belonged to my late father. […]

Highlights from the NOC Shootout


The Shootout at the Nantahala Outdoor Center’s newly improved wave went off with Wavesport’s Bryan Kirk topping all comers.

The Surf Zone


The Surf Zone Mastering rough water launches and landings When it comes to surfing breaking waves in an 18-foot sea kayak, Sean Morley would rather not. “To be honest, most sea kayaks pretty much suck in the surf,” says Morley, who launched and landed his Valley Nordkapp through beach breaks regularly on his record-shattering, 17-day […]

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