Going Source to Sea on the Missouri-Mississippi

Catching up with Paul Gamache, the second American to paddle the entire length the country’s longest watershed, after 3,900 miles down the the Missouri-Mississippi river system from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico. Gamache’s source-to-sea epic took 78 days to complete.

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5 Minutes with Canoe Guru Eli Helbert


Eli Helbert, two-time world champion freestyle canoeist, is a legend among iconoclasts who paddle big rapids and towering waterfalls in open boats. The 33-year-old travels the world teaching whitewater canoeing, wilderness medicine and swiftwater rescue. He recently returned to his home base in Asheville, N.C., from 10 days paddling in Veracruz, Mexico, where he and […]

Down Under Thunder


It was an Australasia sweep at the 2010 Teva Mountain Games Bud Light Lime Steep Creek Championships on Homestake Creek Thursday as Tanya Faux (AUS) and Sam Sutton (NZ) took the top female and male spots this year in this Class V paddling speed comp. Faux placed second in the Steep Creek Championship in ’09, […]

Whitewater Roots


The Teva Mountain Games have become one of the largest outdoor adventure sports festivals in the world by sticking to its roots. In 1990, Vail, Colo.’s first-ever Memorial Day Whitewater Festival featured slalom races on Eagle River. Fast-forward 20 years and the 2010 incarnation still has more kayaking, rafting and standup paddleboard competitions than anything […]

Gauley River Listed as Endangered


Mountaintop removal coal mining could spell the end to the clean water, fish and wildlife and world-famous recreation on the Gauley River, unless decision makers take immediate action. This threat landed the Gauley in the number three spot in America’s Most Endangered Rivers: 2010 edition, produced by American Rivers. “Unless the EPA and Army Corps […]

Nick Troutman Wins Paddling Life Pro Invitational


With Mother Nature finally relinquishing her winter wares, world freestyle kayak champion Nick Troutman retained his title at the fifth annual Paddling Life Invitational on Mon., May 31, by placing fourth in the creek race and first in freestyle to bring home the combined crown. Capping off the weekend-long 30th anniversary of the Yampa River […]

Berman: $500 Says No One Can Beat Me


Tao Berman has a deal for you: If you can beat him in the Lyons Outdoors Games’ extreme race June 12 he’ll pay you $500, bringing the first-place payday to $1,000. But Berman also struck a deal for himself: If he wins by at least two seconds he gets the $1,000 cash purse, plus another […]

Middle Eastern Surf


Maybe you hadn’t heard but Israel has waves? Good waves. And a group of hardcore surf kayakers to ride these Mediterranean peelers. Check out this clip of a recent surf session in the Holy Land.

Dirtbag Diaries: Augrabies Gorge, Orange River, South Africa


I met Rob Wilson when I was 15. He was the trip leader on my first commercial river guide job on the Orange River in South Africa, a mighty drainage that tumbles down the slopes of the Lesotho in the Drakensberg Mountains 2,000 kilometers before emptying into the Atlantic. I next ran into Rob on […]

Boat Book Emotion Kayaks


CHARGER $399 in rotomolded polyethylene L: 9’3”; W: 31 ”; 39 lbs. This boat is a blast in all conditions, and loves to play in the surf. For use in ponds, lakes, streams, back bays, or saltwater – young or old, try the Charger – pound for pound the best value / performance kayak on […]

Boat Book Freedom Hawk Kayaks


Freedom 14 $1299, polyethylene L: 13’10”; W: 30”; 79 lbs. Patented outrigger system allows the angler to stand and fish with angling advantages like no other kayak. For paddling efficiency simple push lever forward and boat retracts back to traditional kayak shape. Also Included: casting brace, storage compartment, anchor boom, scupper plugs, adjustable footbraces and […]

Crossing Over


When it comes to mastering a single blade, Hawaii’s Slater Trout is hoping he can excel sitting down and standing up. The 15-year-old standup star, a freshman at Maui Preparatory Academy, is going from reeling in standup paddleboarding awards to kneeling in Olympic-style C-1s. And he’s doing a bang-up job. “He’s shown more talent than […]

Colorado Season Opener


Colorado Season Opener Paddlefest kicks off another season of boating in the mecca of whitewater At the center of the whitewater mecca of Colorado is the town of Buena Vista. Once a sleepy, mining outpost southwest of Denver, Buena Vista is now the site of a funky downtown community designed by whitewater kayakers and siblings […]

Get yer Game On


Kayak Fishing: GAME ON 2 follows Jim Sammons and his crew all over North America and beyond. Jim battles a 120 lb tuna in Panama, hunts musky on a 6-day whitewater kayak fishing trip in Canada, and chases yellowtail in the exposed waters off Baja. Plus, Montana, Texas and more. It’s on sale now.

Boat Book Pygmy


COHO STD & HI $945 / $960, glass/wood/glass composite, stitch-n-glue kit L: 17.5’; W: 23”; D: 12-13.5”; 39 lbs. Our best-selling boat. The sweeping curves of her multi-chine hull and cambered deck make an efficient and attactive ride for a novice or an experienced paddler. Magazine review: “The Coho is my hands-down favorite, the combination […]

Boat Book Jackson Kayak


2010 Star Series $1,199 (Elite/Crosslink); $1,049 (Superlinear) Star: L: 5’6”; W: 24.25”; All-Star: L: 5’10”; W: 25.75; Super Star: L: 6’1.5”; W: 27”; Mon-Star: L: 6’4.5”; W: 28.25” The new Stars totally dominated the 2009 World Freestyle Kayak Championships, taking four of five possible gold medals and 11 of 15 total medals. With four sizes, […]

Finally: A Paddling Game for your iPhone


Josh Blazer is not a full-time developer, just someone who loves kayaking and does a little programming on the side for fun. His coding brainchild, “Extreme Sports Kayaking” was just approved and released for sale on Apple’s iTunes Store. Check it out at Or: The current assistant vice president and regional director of […]

Rock Recap


It’s hard to believe that before Saturday, Red Bull-sponsored whitewater kayaker Tao Berman had never launched in his kayak off a ramp and into a river, especially with all the seasons he spent at the Oregon Cup, where ramp-hucking was an annual event. But at the big air ramp event at Richmond, VA’s annual Dominion […]

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