Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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Greasing the Green


Photo: Matt Fields-Johnson Asheville, N.C.-based whitewater boater Andrew Holcombe found himself on unfamiliar ground at the 2010 Green Race, held Saturday, Nov. 6, on the infamous Class V Narrows of the Green River in western North Carolina. Holcombe, unable to defend his 2009 long K1 title and course record time due to a back injury, […]

Burn Fest


In its sixth annual incarnation, the Oregon Rafting Team site for more details on the series, and Matt Thomas, who was paralyzed from the chest down in 2009 mountain bike accident and is recovering with Project Walk. — Dave Shively RESULTS: Men’s Long Boat – Dan Menten (Overall) Men’s Short Boat – Justin Patt Women’s […]

Cali BurnFest Flavor Gallery


Photos from NorCal’s two-part fall surf-off/run-off

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Pioneer Donnie Mullen


If you think you’re tough, try paddling and carrying a canoe some 740 miles over 56 days. That’s what Donnie Mullen did in 2000 when he became the first person to through-paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which follows ancient Native American canoe routes across New England. The trail starts in Old Forge, New York, […]

Instructor Profiles: Jimmy Blakeney


As far as 2003 U.S. National Freestyle Kayak Champion Jimmy Blakeney is concerned, you can take his instruction tips standing or sitting. A longtime ACA-certified kayak instructor, Blakeney, 38, has fully embraced the standup paddleboard world, developing an SUP curriculum based on his kayaking and surfing experience. This past summer he launched his new SUP […]

Superior Surf Photo Gallery – Lake Superior


Kayakers revel in the second-largest Great Lakes storm in recorded history

Superior Surf


Conor Mihell paddles out in historic surf on Lake Superior last week near Wawa, Ontario. Photo: Megan Gamble/naturallysuperior.com The National Weather Service’s Great Lakes coastal forecast website ranks high on the list of bookmarks for rough-water paddlers in the heart of the continent. When the lakes glow red and purple on the forecast, indicating waves […]

Catching Up With Nick Troutman


Sure, Austria’s known for Vienna sausages, dancing ponies, and The Sound of Music, but what’s kept it on the global kayaking radar is the fall’s Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship. Europe’s premiere creek racing competition, held Oct. 1-2, on the technical Wellerbrueke section of the Oetz River, drew more than 150 competitors from around […]

Poll Position: Adirondack Paddler Runs For New York Governor


Paddlers and disenchanted New York voters alike have another option in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election—though they won’t find his name on the ballot. John Nemjo, the owner of Old Forge, N.Y.’s Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company—one of the eastern United States’ largest paddlesports retailers—is running as a write-in candidate, with the platform, “I can’t do any worse.” […]

Crossing: Cyprus to Israel


A team of six Israelis recently completed the first kayak crossing from the island of Cyprus to Israel, some 180 nautical miles in the section of the Mediterranean Sea known as Crusade, according to a first-hand account by Kobi Sade, one of the paddlers, posted on ynetnews.com. The team of paddlers shared two sea kayaks; […]

Instructor Profiles: Sam Crowley and Nancy Uschold


Photograph by Greg Maino Sam Crowley has sea kayaked solo around Ireland, but he’s still humbled every time he teaches the sport’s most fundamental safety skill. The Marquette, Mich.-based instructor and massage therapist spends several weeks each summer teaching sea kayaking to people with disabilities. “The courage they have is incredible,” says Crowley. “Here they […]

Rising Swell – World Series


With Game 1 of the 2010 World Series on tap for tonight in San Francisco, ticket prices — $900, say, for a bleacher seat — are again making headlines. There are cheaper seats, of course, like certain floaters now available to fans — well, paddlers — keen to take in a Series game from McCovey […]

October Hurricane Sessions Trailer


For the Vancouver-based Hurricane Riders, it just means adding another layer. C&K checks in with the hard-charging sea kayak posse that refuses to use shorter boats.

The Phatwater Challenge – Kayak Marathon


The Phatwater Challenge ain’t your average kayak marathon. One former winner of the fall, 42-mile race down the Mississippi River, three-time Olympian Mike Herbert, once wrestled a 725-pound black bear to win a car. The Natchez, Miss., race headquarters is a bluesy biker bar, the Under-the-Hill Saloon, decorated with crawfish pots, tortoise shells and faded […]

The Phatwater Challenge Gallery


Inside the Mighty Mississippi’s one-of-a-kind kayak marathon

Rapids Beating Bubbles


In the current economic environment, a large construction project for a relatively small, relatively niche sport seems like a gamble. Yet the town of Cascade, Idaho, is a testament to the success of just that. Recreation Engineering and Planning, a Boulder, Colo.-based whitewater construction company, has recently completed Kelly’s Whitewater Park on the North Fork […]

Risky Business


By Kyle Dickman Professional kayaker Dustin Urban spends most days throwing ends in a man-made hydraulic feature on Colorado’s Arkansas River, walking distance from his house in the neighborhood of South Main, Buena Vista. The freestyle kayak park lies between a pair of classic Colorado whitewater runs, and is surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks laced with […]

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