Proposed Zambezi River Dam Puts Prime Stretch of Whitewater at Risk

But if the governments of Zimbabwe and Zambia succeed in building the proposed Batoka Gorge Dam, much of the section will be drowned, severely harming the area’s river-based tourism, partly flooding the Victoria Falls UNESCO World Heritage Site, and burying crucial habitat for endangered bird species in the process.

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Instructor Profiles: David Johnston


Photo by Jovan Matic David Johnston’s motivation as a sea kayak instructor changed when he no longer had to make a living at it. “Now I tell the students, ‘This better be fun because I’m on vacation,’” says the Toronto-based civil servant and Web designer. It’s not that Johnston didn’t know how to have a […]

One Paddler, One Ocean


Aleksander Doba’s custom trans-Atlantic kayak measures 23 feet long and 39 inches wide, weighs 1,200 pounds fully laden, and features an enclosed cabin and a self-righting design. Photo: Lamin Sanyan, Arsoba Travel Polish sea kayaker Aleksander Doba began an epic solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in late October beneath the radar of the paddling […]

Fish-Seeking Missiles


Fishing and other sporting kayaks continue their exhilarating evolution. Where once they might have all popped from the same mold, these days manufacturers are busy filling every conceivable design niche. Many new fishing kayaks are stable enough to stand in, providing anglers an elevated view. Also in the past year, kayaks equipped with small electric motors hit the market in a big way. If that rankles your paddling-purist sensibilities, take heart. The traditional fishing kayak is still going strong, and why not? It was practically perfected over the past few years.

Aron Ralston: Runner of Meat


There is a sneak-line option at Warm Springs rapid, a Class IV drop on the Yampa River in northwest Colorado. But Aron Ralston, the subject of the just-released film starring James Franco, 127 Hours, is not the sort of dude who runs the sneak. While a vegetarian, mostly, off the river, on river Ralston is […]

Sheboygan Surf ‘Stache


Jake Ament and John McConville paddle out on Lake Michigan during squall conditions—60 mph gusts, 10-foot waves, small playboats. There’s even a rainbow (single), a few linked freestyle moves, loud talking directly at the camera and creative facial hair, the sum of which amounts to a genuinely extreme morning… in Sheboygan, Wisconsin anyway. Cue the […]

VirtualCoach: The Stern Rudder, Low Brace Turn, That On-Edge Feeling


Mastering sea paddling’s do everything stroke

Instructor Profiles: Peter Sturges


Photo by Darin McQuoid After 29 years coaching hip snaps at Otter Bar, a Northern California-based kayaking ranch, owner Peter Sturges is now spread out with management duties. But his number one focus—to make learning to kayak a world-class vacation—is as sharp as ever. “When I started kayaking the Klamath in the mid-1970s, I paddled […]

Mission: Tierra del Fuego


Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw recently announced plans for a January 2011 sea-kayaking expedition to circumnavigate Tierra del Fuego (Isla Grande De Tierra del Fuego) at the southern tip of South America. The duo, who jointly have a long list of expeditions behind them, will be paddling clockwise around the tip of South America from […]

Get On It: Deception Pass Dash


Nearly 200 paddlers start the 4th annual Deception Pass Dash off NW Washington last December. Photo: Bill Walker The 5th annual Deception Pass Dash — a curious boat race involving sea kayaks, SUPs, outriggers, rowers, surfskis and even (once) a pedal boat in (typically) spicy open-water conditions — returns on Dec. 4, 2010 off shore […]

‘The Safest Most Dangerous Race in the World’


Photo: Matt Fields-Johnson (Ed’s note: This story was first published in the July 2010 edition of Canoe & Kayak Magazine.) Eyes focused dead ahead, her trademark red hair streaming from her helmet, Shannon Carroll drives her 11-foot race boat powerfully toward Gorilla, the defining drop of the Class V Green River Narrows. Then, about a […]

Greasing the Green


Photo: Matt Fields-Johnson Asheville, N.C.-based whitewater boater Andrew Holcombe found himself on unfamiliar ground at the 2010 Green Race, held Saturday, Nov. 6, on the infamous Class V Narrows of the Green River in western North Carolina. Holcombe, unable to defend his 2009 long K1 title and course record time due to a back injury, […]

Burn Fest


In its sixth annual incarnation, the Oregon Rafting Team site for more details on the series, and Matt Thomas, who was paralyzed from the chest down in 2009 mountain bike accident and is recovering with Project Walk. — Dave Shively RESULTS: Men’s Long Boat – Dan Menten (Overall) Men’s Short Boat – Justin Patt Women’s […]

Cali BurnFest Flavor Gallery


Photos from NorCal’s two-part fall surf-off/run-off

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Pioneer Donnie Mullen


If you think you’re tough, try paddling and carrying a canoe some 740 miles over 56 days. That’s what Donnie Mullen did in 2000 when he became the first person to through-paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which follows ancient Native American canoe routes across New England. The trail starts in Old Forge, New York, […]

Instructor Profiles: Jimmy Blakeney


As far as 2003 U.S. National Freestyle Kayak Champion Jimmy Blakeney is concerned, you can take his instruction tips standing or sitting. A longtime ACA-certified kayak instructor, Blakeney, 38, has fully embraced the standup paddleboard world, developing an SUP curriculum based on his kayaking and surfing experience. This past summer he launched his new SUP […]

Superior Surf Photo Gallery – Lake Superior


Kayakers revel in the second-largest Great Lakes storm in recorded history

Superior Surf


Conor Mihell paddles out in historic surf on Lake Superior last week near Wawa, Ontario. Photo: Megan Gamble/naturallysuperior.com The National Weather Service’s Great Lakes coastal forecast website ranks high on the list of bookmarks for rough-water paddlers in the heart of the continent. When the lakes glow red and purple on the forecast, indicating waves […]

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