Celebrating its 42nd anniversary year in 2015, Canoe & Kayak is the world’s largest paddling publication with a circulation of 63,000 readers. The vast majority of our stories are written and photographed by established freelancers or the C&K editorial staff, though we are open to new story ideas and contributors.

Canoe & Kayak is published five times a year in March, May, June, August and December. We publish original stories, photographs, videos and multimedia projects through our online portal, CanoeKayak.com. We rarely run unsolicited articles. Your best bet is to email us a short, original, and very succinct query about your idea, the photo or video imagery available to illustrate it, and your writing background/availability.

PLEASE READ THE MAGAZINE AND WEBSITE SECTIONS BEFORE SENDING A QUERY. Your query should demonstrate that you’re familiar with the magazine and the site, its editorial focus and tone, and its specific sections. If you don’t have experience with canoeing, kayaking or rafting, save your query for a general-interest magazine. C&K is written by and for people who are passionate about paddling. Queries should be tailored to one section of the magazine, or site, and sent to the assigning editor for that section:

Online Editor Zak Podmore, zpodmore@enthusiastnetwork.com: News, event, gear, expedition report and photo-driven stories with a quick turnaround time that are well-suited to an online audience. Word length: 100-600 words. High-res photos and good quality video are a bonus.

Photo Editor Aaron Schmidt, ASchmidt@enthusiastnetwork.com: High-resolution, gallery-quality, non-doctored photographs of canoeing and kayaking expeditions, events and personalities.

Managing Editor Dave Shively, dave@canoekayak.com: Gear, personality profiles, shoestring ‘Dirtbag Diary’ adventures, and news, trend and analysis pieces for front-of-the-book stories (250-500 words).

Editor-in-Chief Jeff Moag, jeff@canoekayak.com: Features, photo galleries, Aquaphile Essays from the Field, Unfiltered, and destination-based pieces.