Best Cross-Bow Snow Brace Ever?


A foot of snow is big deal in North Carolina. For Asheville’s Nathan Zumwalt, another big dump this season meant that lightning struck twice for western NC’s resident downhill snow canoeists who aren’t about to wait for things like melting snow to go boating (for Round One, click here).

The Flip Side – Kayak Duck Hunting


As opposed to our last post, where a duck attacks a kayak fisherman, sending him sprawling into the drink, two hunters turn their kayak into a camouflaged mallard hunting machine.

Rec Boat Beatdown


Think you’re having a bad day? Check out this kayak fisherman who gets the beat down of his life.

Kayak Fishing Tales – Kayak Technique – The RIGHT Way to Use a Rudder


World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting explains that the rudder isn’t just there to help you turn your kayak. It’s principal purpose is actually very different and relates to a key boat handling characteristic that all paddlers should understand.

C&K’s Best in Paddling issue


Two years ago, James Castrission and Justin Jones arrived at New Plymouth on New Zealand’s North Island, 62 days after setting off from mid-New South Wales, Australia, becoming the first team to paddle the Tasman Sea.

Self-Support Sea Kayaking in Hells Canyon


Sea Kayaks on Rivers explores paddling a Necky Chatham through Hell’s Canyon

Kayak Fishing Tales – Shrimping From a Kayak


Read about Shrimping From a Kayak as Howard McKim of Ketchikan Kayak Company in Alaska demonstrates how to catch shrimp from a kayak brought to you by Canoe & Kayak Magazine online.

Snow Daze


This week, up to 24 inches of snow fell in and around the Asheville, North Carolina area. Instead of hitting the river, these paddlers hit the slopes, cross bowing their way downhill.

USACK Update with Executive Director Joe Jacobi


USACK Executive Director Joe Jacobi checks in with a Holiday update on everything paddling including Oklahoma City’s new whitewater park, new USACK sponsorship deals and women’s canoeing becoming a full medal event at world championship competitions.

A Cult Classic? Vince Shay’s A Long Story Short


Paddle surfing the world over

The Canoe Movie


The Canoe Movie is a look into the passion and pride that is the whitewater canoeing community.

Enter Twang Chu Part III


Ben Stookesberry and Kris Korbulic in the final act of their Great Himalayan Boating Expedition

Team Tandem


On duos, spoofs and hucking meet

Israel National Kayak Fishing


A look at the Middle East Fishing scene.

The 2009 USACK Charlotte Open


This fall, the international slalom scene converged in North Carolina for the USACK Charlotte Open

Downwind Junkies


Surfing open ocean swell in a sea kayak

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