Slippery When Wet, No. 1: Evan Garcia


Published: January 25, 2011 Just out from filmmaker Shon Bollock: “The first of 7 trailers from Shasta Boyz Productions’ new film, Slippery When Wet. Each trailer will feature an athlete from the movie and give some insight into each character’s lifestyle. The sequel to Wet Dreams, this film will take viewers throughout the United States […]

Canoeing Soul


Just out from Rolf Kraiker… Part one of a video series—from a forthcoming DVD—detailing some of the mechanics behind obtaining complete control of a canoe using the traditional “Canadian” style of paddling that has been handed down from aboriginal paddlers through generations of summer camp adaptations in the Canoe Country region of Ontario, Canada.

First Descents: Norway and Costa Rica


By C&K Staff Published: January 19, 2011 Video just in from Pascal Schaffner… The backstory, from Schaffner: “During summer 2009 and 2010 in Norway, I had the privilege to film and learn from Matze Brustmann. His virtuous paddling style is unique among the best of our trade. In 2010, I was able to film his […]

Running a Sea Kayak through the Grand


By Tim Mutrie Published: January 18, 2011 It doesn’t happen often, and especially when it’s flowing 20,000-plus cfs. But Ted Keyes of Twin Falls, Idaho, just did—the Grand Canyon in a sea kayak (Native Watercraft Inuit). An annual trip of self-supporting kayakers, Keyes’ crew brought the sea kayak this time, for the first time. The […]

The Hurricane Riders: October Sessions


Another video from British Columbia’s big-boat and big water crew

Anton Immler’s World Record Drop (in a Dinghy)


By Tim Mutrie Published: January 12, 2011 Swedish paddler Anton Immler is claiming a world record waterfall drop… in a Kmart-style dingy. See for yourself. Meanwhile, since word of world record waterfall drops travels fast—even if things get lost in translation coming all the way from Chile—we decided to look back at the real historic […]

Roadtrip Report


Family canoeing with the Ford Edge

Revisiting the Hendri Coetzee Tragedy


By Joe Carberry Published: December 21, 2010 During the first week of December, Canoe & Kayak reported that legendary South African expedition kayaker Hendri Coetzee disappeared on the Lakuga River, a tributary of the Congo in Africa, after being attacked by a crocodile. His body has still not been recovered. Coetzee and his paddling partners, […]

VirtualCoach: The Stern Rudder, Low Brace Turn, That On-Edge Feeling


Mastering sea paddling’s do everything stroke

October Hurricane Sessions Trailer


For the Vancouver-based Hurricane Riders, it just means adding another layer. C&K checks in with the hard-charging sea kayak posse that refuses to use shorter boats.

Freya: Why Not Australia?


C&K’s Adventurer of the Year Reflects on the Beauty and Challenge of her Australian Circumnavigation

Hurricane Riders: The Documentary


Our favorite British Columbia sea kayaking posse, the Hurricane Riders, is at it again. This time they’re working on a full length documentary. We can’t help but get stoked by these guys and their antics. Here’s a teaser and an introduction to arguably the baddest group of ocean kayakers on the planet.

Kayak Fishing Tales: How to BBQ Fish and Simple Salsa Videos


Matt Moyer is a pro kayak angler and the executive chef at LaJolla Country Club. In this episode, Matt explains how to barbecue fish to perfection.

Get yer Game On


Kayak Fishing: GAME ON 2 follows Jim Sammons and his crew all over North America and beyond. Jim battles a 120 lb tuna in Panama, hunts musky on a 6-day whitewater kayak fishing trip in Canada, and chases yellowtail in the exposed waters off Baja. Plus, Montana, Texas and more. It’s on sale now.

How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak


Wanna’ get into kayak fishing? There’s are a lot of fishing kayaks to choose from. In this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales, Ken Whiting explains how to select the right fishing kayak for your unique needs. Watch How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak video.

CK On Assignment Mississippi Wandering


In November, C&K Associate Editor Dave Shively and Art Director Robert Zaleski paddled more than 100 miles on the great Mississippi River from Helena, Arkansas to Arkansas City. Along the way they dodged whirlpools and barges, camped on the expansive sandy beaches left from the receding water and most importantly, met some iconic characters. Here […]

The Paddling Season


Paddling videographer Bryan Smith introduces us to his friend Paul Kuthe, a canoeing/sea kayaking/whitewater paddling everyman with a poignant story and a plan for this season—to paddle the Butze tidal rapids in British Columbia. This is the first of three episodes.

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