Rivers of Drought


“We’re in a drought that is drying wells, fueling fires, and depleting reservoirs,” says Meredith Blount Miller, Senior Program Coordinator at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, a leading water conservation organization. “If trends continue, we could see conditions rivaling those of the 1950s ‘drought of record.’”

From the Vault: New Wave Paddling


In light of the recent Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the Pacific Paddling Surf Series and the upcoming World Championships in July, C&K staff wanted to bring back a story from the March 1987 issue.

Sharing Whitewater with My Mother


When I tell people I go kayaking with my mom, they never picture us practicing our boof strokes at “Bayless’ Boof” on the Upper Green River or crashing through holes on the Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica. Yes, my mom and I paddle whitewater together.

Birch-Bark Odyssey


This story featured in the 2012 July issue. By Dan Blessing Marc and I were leading 22-day Outward Bound expeditions when we started talking about an outlandishly longer expedition—from Minnesota to the Pacific Ocean. Two years later, Marc built the birch-bark canoe to carry us the 4,000 miles across North America. Marc forged hand tools […]

Feel Good, Do Good


This story featured in the 2012 July issue. By Kate Stepan and Eugene Buchanan Find the Real Fiji While guiding rafts in Bali and other far-flung corners of the globe, Nate and Kelly Bricker saw plenty of what the U.S. river permit system was designed to prevent: overcrowding, overuse, and misuse by companies out to […]

Rivers Be Dammed: Somos del Rio By the Numbers


The end of our time in Chile for most of us was a mere four days and 40 some odd hours of bus rides away. The mission was still on, as we were heading straight into the lion’s den, so we pressed onwards, back to Coyhaique, to confront HidroAysén.

Away for the Day


Day-trips are paddling gateways. They mark the transition from casual after-work paddles to the soul-altering journeys of discovery that make sea kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater lifelong pursuits. The skills you learn from day-tripping—gear selection, navigation, group dynamics and more complex paddle strokes to handle your craft in varying conditions—will serve you well in the future, and pave the way to longer overnight and multi-day trips.
Before you dive into this list of our favorite day-trip destinations, heed this warning: You are about to take the first step toward becoming hopelessly addicted to paddling.

Get it and Go


Last summer, sea kayak stalwart Nigel Foster picked up a few kayaks at the Point 65 factory store in Stockholm, Sweden, took them out the back door to Lake Malaren and then paddled through the Stockholm archipelago to Finland. Which got us to thinking: Where else can you meet a major manufacturer, tour the facility, and then grab a boat and hit the water? The search led us to a variety of companies located right where they should be—on or near the waters their boats are designed for. And it reaffirmed our suspicion that paddling is still very much a community-based sport where boat-makers don’t need much of an excuse to drop what they’re doing and dip a blade with a fellow paddler.

Kern Fest and Community


April 20-21—Paddlers, runners and cyclists gathered in Kernville, Calif. for the 49th annual Kern Fest hosted by the Kern Valley River Council. California’s first whitewater festival of the year celebrates both the river and the small town that survives because of it.

A Day of May Day


While the May Day holiday means making baskets filled with flowers and treats and leaving them on a neighbor’s doorstep, for paddlers and others taking to waterways, the words have a different connotation. Stemming from the French phrase venez m’aider, meaning “come help me,” it’s a universal distress signal indicating a life-threatening emergency. To honor its maritime meaning, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the following sampling of sea kayak, raft and other paddling trips throughout the ages where the May Day call has been put to action.



This story featured in the 2013 Buyer’s Guide issue. The Team: Brian Mohr, Emily Johnson and Justin Beckwith The Mission: Use canoes to access virgin New England ski runs By Eugene Buchanan There’s almost no end to the things you can do in a canoe. New Englanders Brian Mohr, Emily Johnson, and Justin Beckwith have […]

Plan “C” is for Chopper


This story featured in the 2013 Buyer’s Guide issue. Uganda-based river explorer Pete Meredith was responsible for the team’s last line of defense. Whenever the paddlers were in the crux, Meredith was waiting in the door of the A350 B3 helicopter hovering nearby, ready to leap into the river to extract a swimmer. Meredith combined […]



An all star team of whitewater paddlers face the planet’s biggest rapids. Steve Fisher, Tyler Bradt, Rush Sturges and Ben Marr in the Inga Project.

Rock Island Open


April 27—The World Kayak Rock Island Open kicked off last weekend with the first two of four events for the series. The event was started to showcase the natural beauty and amazing whitewater that Tennessee’s Rock Island State Park has to offer.



This story featured in the 2012 Buyer’s Guide issue. Mission: Bag Norway’s best whitewater from the seat of a bike Team: Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt, and Philip Baues By Joe Jackson German paddlers Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt, and Philip Baues have racked up an impressive list of whitewater expeditions in exotic locations from Chile to […]

Ain’t Louie Fest 2013


Last March, more than 300 canoeists from around the United States, Canada and Europe collected in a hole-in-the-wall Tennessee town to boat some of the Southeast’s finest rivers for the annual Ain’t Louie Fest. This year, ALF was dealt a blow few festivals have faced in the history of whitewater: a death on the river. […]

Nahanni Journal


Three families tackle North America’s iconic canoe route

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