Canoe & Kayak Destination – Oregon’s John Day River


Oregon’s high-desert John Day River lives up to its wild and scenic status.

Oswegatchie River – Upstate Oasis


By Alan Belford Taken from the October 2005 issue Perhaps Oswegatchie means “black river,” as Onondaga tradition claims. Or perhaps it means “coming or going around a hill.” Or maybe, as my friend suggested, it’s the trash talk you dish out to mosquitoes as you slap them: “Oss, I gotch ye!” But regardless of the […]

Boatin’ on the Bartram Canoe Trail


by Paige Ponder Photos by Dennis Holt In memory of Mr. Peter Grey Cane Jr., who loved the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. All the fish are having a tea party, nibbling crumpets and celebrating. Mr. Crane is not slithering through the Mobile-Tensaw Delta swamps with his fishing rod anymore. But he enjoyed a lifetime doing it. Deep […]

Sea Kayaking by Mother Ship – Baranof Island, Alaska


Cold rainy Alaska is the perfect place to trade in your soggy tent for a comfy berth with hot showers.

The Big Muddy


Story and Photos by Tom Bol When I was in high school, history was one of those subjects that went in one ear and out the other. Sure, I could go on autopilot and memorize facts for a test, but those historical events soon faded from memory. But one daring adventure stayed in my mind: […]

Canoeing the Soper River Valley


“Any landing is a good landing!” our bush pilot hollers above the clamor as his heavily loaded twin-engine Otter hits the 150-yard scrap of tundra runway hard, bouncing repeatedly before screeching to a halt. Just moments ago, the rest of us-five tense, hushed passengers-snugged up our seatbelts and braced for one of those moments that […]

10 Best Adventure Paddling Books


What paddler doesn’t enjoy a well-told tale of high adventure – of raging rapids conquered, of seas crossed, of storms endured? Good writers have met a rigorous standard: Adventure occurs when you – and no one else – are forced to solve a problem for which the wrong move can have disastrous consequences. Determining the […]

A Mighty Wind


Five canoes. Ten people. Twenty-two hours of sunlight. Hundreds of unnamed mountains, rivers, streams, ridges, creeks, meadows, and vistas. Two grizzlies running the other way. Billions of diabolical mosquitoes that, fortunately, stay in the dense shrubbery until evening. An infinite number of surprises. One vast and empty wilderness, devoid of humans. This is a crash […]

Old Man River


Paddling down a river in the very early hours of daylight can be a sacred experience. It’s a time when fog clings loosely to the water’s surface, reducing the far bank to a gray form silhouetted beyond the vapors. It’s a time when the humblest of streams or the mightiest of rivers seems to reveal […]

We’re Talkin’ Texas


As a northerner intent on seeing central Texas’s famed Hill Country from the cockpit of a kayak, I felt like I had to relearn the English language before I reached my destination. It’s not that Texans speak especially poorly or have accents too thick to understand, it’s just that this particular area is notable for […]

Bowron Lake Provincial Park, BC


As darkness invaded the forest, the haunting cry of a loon shot across Indianpoint Lake and then ricocheted off the mountains. Hairs prickled on the back of my neck. It was my first night in British Columbia’s Bowron Lake Provincial Park. Over the next week, I’d hear the call of the loon frequently. Each time, […]

Milk River, AB


As if battling a stiff prairie wind and pushy current weren’t difficult enough, we had to outmaneuver a territorial cow smack-dab in the middle of Alberta’s Milk River. “We’re going left … no, right … no, left!” I yelled at my friend Anette. If she hadn’t already focused on the large bovine we were about […]

Teslin River, YT


The summer-no sweeter was ever; The sunshiny woods all athrill; The grayling aleap in the river, The bighorn asleep on the hill. The strong life that never knows harness; The wilds where the caribou call; The freshness, the freedom, the farness- O God! how I’m stuck on it all. Robert Service “The Spell of the […]

Awe, Canada


The Slave River ambles slowly northward from Alberta’s Lake Athabasca, milk-chocolate brown with silt picked up as it crosses the Peace-Athabasca Delta. The river proceeds at a leisurely pace toward Great Slave Lake until reaching Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta, where the waters accelerate as they spill off the Canadian Shield. River-running legend has immortalized the stretch […]

Tundra and Taiga


Bob Schaefer lowered his field glasses and announced, “I don’t see any shore lead. “We trudged off a hill overlooking ice-choked Kamilukuak Lake and back to our canoes at the edge of Nowleye. Being stopped “cold” had not been in the trip planning. Time to talk. Three of us, with collective Canadian wilderness paddling experience […]

Paddling the Primordial


A roundup of great swamp canoeing and kayaking trips throughout the south, including Everglades, Okefenokee, and the Great Dismal Swamp.

Good Times on the Main Salmon


An 80-mile, seven-day run down the Main Salmon River gives paddlers postcard scenery, wide-open wave trains, and a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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