Kayak Fishing Tales – Kayak Technique – The RIGHT Way to Use a Rudder


World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting explains that the rudder isn’t just there to help you turn your kayak. It’s principal purpose is actually very different and relates to a key boat handling characteristic that all paddlers should understand.

The Boof


Shane Benedict explains key techniques to an effective boof.

Cosmo Hunk Brad Ludden’s Extreme Kayaking Workout


Brad Ludden describes his exercise regime

Paddling Technique: Forward Stroke


Paddling like Greg Barton takes years of practice and precise technique.

Paddling Terms


Learn the Lingo – A Glossary of Uncommon Paddling Terms first appeared in Beginner’s Guide ’07

Sea Kayak Launching and Landing


This article first appeared in Canoe & Kayak Magazine June 2006
It’s embarrassing, but I fall in the water more often launching or landing, with everyone watching, than when I’m farther from shore. You too? These tips may help minimize your shoreline antics.

Canoe Paddling – Focus on the Basics


How to keep bugs out of your forward paddling stroke….now how to get them out of your bed is another story.

Great Canoe Escapes – Rio Grande


The Chihuanhuan desert in the Lone Star States Big Bend area offers superb paddling…and a little danger to spice it up.

Debunking the Tippy Canoe Myth


If you worry that a canoe is too unstable, applying these pointers will replace your anxiety with confidence.

Cee-ing is Believing


Learn the C-stroke on flatwater, and your newly refined skill will increase your precision without sacrificing speed.

Getting Your Boat in Ship-Shape


Is Your Kayak Ready for the New Season? Following These Tips Will Ensure That it is.

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