VIRTUAL COACH: How to Pack a Raft


Todd Collins demonstrates how to pack for a multi-day packing trip.

Virtual Coach: Power Paddling


Sean Morley knows a few things about going fast. He honed his forward stroke technique as a flatwater sprint racer on the British junior national team, but has made his biggest mark traveling far and fast in challenging conditions. He’s held speed records for crossing the Irish Sea, circumnavigating Vancouver Island, and paddling 4,500 miles around Great Britain and Ireland, solo.

VIRTUAL COACH: Packing a Canoe for an Overnight Trip


C&K’s canoe technique gurus, Paul and Willa Mason, demonstrate some of the finer points to packing for an overnight canoe trip in this latest episode of VIRTUAL COACH.

Virtual Coach: How to Pack a Fishing Kayak


Outfitting for overnighting on a fishing rig – a video primer

Virtual Coach: Tandem Basics


FOR C&K’S CANOE TECHNIQUE GURU PAUL MASON, getting on the water to film a series of skills videos with his daughter, Willa, has made for a fond trip down memory lane. Canoeists around the world still remember Paul as the plaid shirt-wearing 14-year-old paddling with his father, the late filmmaker and canoeing icon Bill Mason, in the acclaimed “Path of the Paddle” instructional series, which was produced by the National Film Board of Canada in the 1970s.

Virtual Coach: Hand of God Sea Kayak Rescue


Paul Kuthe is the Program Manager at Portland, Ore.’s Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, and a new-school leader in sea and whitewater kayak instruction. In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Kuthe covers an important sea kayak rescue technique to add to your bag of tricks when paddling with a partner, or teaching one to roll.

VIRTUAL COACH: Blunt to McNasty


ERIC JACKSON CAN THROW DOWN. The Jackson Kayak founder claims four Freestyle World Championship titles, thanks in part to his ability to break complicated play moves into their constituent parts, and repeat them on demand. So if you want to learn an advanced playboating maneuver like the blunt to McNasty, you want to talk to E.J.

VIRTUAL COACH: The Bow Draw To Boof


RUSH STURGES LIKES TO GO BIG WITH STYLE. That’s why the producer and star of Dynasty, Dream Result and Frontier makes the bow draw to boof stroke his go-to creekboating move. This technique (displayed at right by Rafa Ortiz) makes it simple and efficient to line your boat up before taking that big, game-breaking forward stroke-whether you’re trying to clear a boat-eating hydraulic or land a waterfall with precision.



In this episode of Virtual Coach, veteran OC-1 shredder and C&K’s whitewater canoeing guru Mark Scriver demonstrates the OC boof on the water.

Virtual Coach: Transporting Your Canoe


Paul and Willa Mason show you the right way to transport your canoe in the latest episode of Virtual Coach

Kayak Fishing Tales: Night Fishing


In this Kayak Fishing Tales episode Jim Sammons explains how to make night kayak fishing as safe and productive as possible

Virtual Coach Episode V: Sea Kayak Self Rescue


In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Kuthe covers self rescue in a sea kayak.

Virtual Coach Episode IV: Packing a Sea Kayak


In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Paul Kuthe details the art of packing a sea kayak.

Virtual Coach Episode III: The Stern Rudder


Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of the stern pry and draw.

Virtual Coach Episode II: The Low-Brace Turn


Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of the low-brace turn.

Virtual Coach Episode I: That On-Edge Feeling


Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of edging your kayak as first seen in the July 2010 issue of Canoe and Kayak magazine.

Getting Started


A look at some of the country’s top paddling schools

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