Gallery—Kodak Courage


That’s what they called it back when Kodachrome was king. Photography has changed a great deal since then, but not human nature. Which explains why Paul Kuthe was so close to the rocks at Oregon’s Cascade Head when the North Pacific threw a heavy set straight at him. “Most of it was my fault, shouting ‘Get in there a big more!’” admits photographer Steve Rogers. Kuthe took four set wavevs on the head, but it was the first one, pictured here, that nearly ended his day. “He pretty much just clung on. It was like, ‘Holy shit, Paul, you really nearly overcooked that one.” – JM

Ledges Legends


Spring in the Northeast has arrived, and with it, the start of creek racing season. The smell of maple syrup and sight of red flannel overwhelmed the senses at the New Haven Ledges Race this past weekend. With a late spring melt, the conditions could not have been better. Boaters from all over New England headed to the New Haven River, a few miles outside of Bristol, Vt., to take part in the annual event.

China Walls, Eastern Oahu, Hawaii


Outrigger canoers Jimmy Austin and Keizo Gates paddling at sunset near China Walls on Eastern Oahu near Honolulu, Hawaii.

Salal Creek, British Columbia


This photo featured in the 2013 Beginner’s Guide. Todd Wells kayaks down Salal Creek in British Columbia.

Lac La Croix, Ontario


Modern canoeists encounter pictographs left on the shores of Lac la Croix by Ojibwe artists who also traveled by canoe.

2013 Santa Cruz Paddlefest


Last month, some of the world’s best kayak surfers competed in the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. Their stunts and tricks on the legendary break awed spectators and made for some awesome photography. The C&K staff picked their favorite photos to showcase in a flipbook.

Gallery—Benjamin Hjort


Gallery – Upper Valldal River, Norway

40 Years of Shooting Whitewater


Over the last 40 years, filming kayak and canoe adventures has been on a roller coaster ride. Cameras have shrunk and become waterproof, while the rivers have gotten only harder and more harrowing. This gallery showcases where filmers shot and with what.

Best of the Rest


A photo-essay flipbook featuring our favorite picks from the past 40 years of paddling photos that didn’t fit into our special March anniversary issue.

Honey Badger … and Cobra?


While the Southeast has not traditionally been known for its large waterfalls, a crew of young “hucksters” have been chasing rain and redefining the paradigm. At the forefront is Pat Keller, who has more Southeast waterfall first descents than anyone else. We caught up with him and fellow paddler Hunt Jennings after their side-by-side second and third descents of 80-foot Cane Creek Falls in Tennessee. 

Blast at the Pass


Six miles of paddling through tidal rapids in 40-degree December temps with horizontal angled rain and driving wind isn’t what most people would consider to be much fun. But for the past seven years, 100-plus paddlers of various human powered water craft plus volunteers, sponsors and spectators show up to race in the Deception Pass Dash in Washington State.



C&K contributing photographer Darin McQuoid takes us on visual journey with some more details from his July return expedition to Japan.

Gallery – Adam Mills Elliott


Oregon rafting team on White Salmon River, Washington.

Gallery—Charlie Munsey


In the first two weeks of February 2002, seven of the world’s best and boldest paddlers completed the first descent of Tibet’s Upper Tsangpo Gorge.

Gallery—Charlie Munsey


Tobias Johansson on Virgin River Narrows, Zion, Utah

Gallery—Darin McQuoid


Rok Sribar on Fuefuki Gawa, Nishizawa Canyon, Japan

Gallery—Charlie Munsey


Fred Norquist on Toketee Falls, North Umpqua River, Oregon

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