From the Kiwi Police Blotter: An ‘Unrepentant’ Kayaking Tourist


When faced with the choice between potential damage to his car’s roof and veering down New Zealand’s mountain roads with a full-sized sea kayak sticking into the other lane, this tourist decided to protect his paint job. The rig looked so unwieldy (and dangerous) that it stopped Kiwi police officer Freda Grace–who was responding to […]

Racing the Tide at Deception Pass Dash 2014


Story by Bill Walker Jason Park grinned in the dawn as he greeted a friend. “Awesome day, nothing like the swells and wind when I came out last week!” Park was preparing his OC-1 for his first attempt at the Deception Pass Dash 2014, the classic six-mile Northwest winter paddling event that challenges paddlers to […]

‘The Super Bowl of Tahiti’: Hawaiki Nui Va’a Race 2014


Photos and words by Shawn Parkin The small and normally quiet village of Fare on the island of Huahine in French Polynesia is abuzz with activity. Children play in the ocean, climbing the mooring line of a research ship, and jump into the water below. Local vendors of island crafts and food sell their wares […]

Border Paddling: Big Bend and the Rio Grande’s Wilderness Canyons


By Colin McDonald Like many Western waterways, the Rio Grande sometimes seems closer to a complicated, engineered plumbing system than a river. Its sporadic (and often nonexistent) flows are the result of growing demand, changing climate and the ideals of the 21st century running head on with a river managed by 19th century laws and […]

Behind the Lens: Darin McQuoid


Both of these images are from the Alseseca River in Veracruz, Mexico. We had a lot of rain and as a result, lots of water. Tension was high both days, hiking in we didn’t even know if it was possible to run the section, and the Silencio waterfall caused unpleasant swims 1/3 of the time.

Eagle Creek: The Long Way


Inside Jacob Cruser and Matt King’s vertical (re-)exploration of Oregon’s Eagle Creek, becoming the first paddlers to link every previously run waterfall in a single trip.

Pat Keller claims ‘Rey del Rio’ title


Photos from Chiapas, Mexico’s innovative three-event waterfall world championship and result rundown from the ‘Rey del Rio.’

Paddle Assisted: The 2014 Davenport Paddle Surf Classic


Photos and text by Bryon Dorr Another Davenport Paddle Surf Classic is in the books. The event, hosted each fall in Davenport Landing, Calif., has been growing for over 12 years, and 2014 saw the largest competitor turnout yet with 55 paddle surfers. Many competitors surfed in multiple categories, making for a packed schedule consisting […]

From the Gallery: Wind River, Yukon


This photo first ran in the December 2014 issue of C&K magazine, now on newsstands and available for download. Photo by Peter Mather Aplenglow lights the clouds above Royal Mountain on the Wind River in Northern Yukon. The Wind is one of six tributaries that combine to form the greater Peel Watershed, which local First […]

Photography From Your Kayak: Capturing The Moment


Text and Photos by Daniel Fox Making photographs from a kayak can be a bit complicated, so before spending thousands of dollars on equipment only to find it flooded with seawater, it’s worth taking a moment to figure out what your goals are. Do you simply want souvenirs from your trip or the ability to […]

From the Gallery: Lower Lewis River Falls


If the Serrasolses brothers could be called perfectionists, it’s worked for them; they’re among the best whitewater paddlers in the world.

From the Gallery: Winter is Coming


Photo by Charlie Munsey This photo originally ran in the May 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. The 33-foot Sprit Falls on Washington’s Little White Salmon River is as iconic as waterfalls get to whitewater kayakers. To many, paddling the Little White and cleanly running Sprit is a mark of having “made it” to the […]

Photo Essay: Canoeing British Columbia’s Turner Lakes


Lying on my stomach, I looked over the edge of the falls. A heavy white mist rose from the base of the canyon, 1,316 feet below. I couldn’t see the bottom. Looking up, I watched the wind silently gusting through the pines, scattering the mist. Not your usual start to a canoe trip, I observed.

Green Race 2014: By The Numbers


The Green Race 2014 is in the books. Every year there’s a new element that ups the ante. A few numbers in particular stood out at this year’s 19th annual gathering. 165: The record number of participants who left the starting line in one-minute intervals on Saturday afternoon, 20 more than 2013. 6: Maximum inches […]

Moose on the Loose


With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

Saving China’s Salween River, One Trip at a Time


This story first appeared in the August 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. Photos and Story by Will Stauffer-Norris This is the fourth pig carcass that has washed up in Dead Pig Eddy. The bloated creature rocks gently up and down against the beach about 10 feet away from our brewing morning coffee. The pig […]

Behind the Lens: Aerial Photography by Chris Schmid


I like to shoot from this bird eye perspective; it gives some aspects and angles that people aren’t used to seeing, and allows me to play with the shadows and shapes of the environment.

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