How it’s Built:


Sit-on-tops are the quintessential everyman kayak. The SOT is stable, comfortable, maneuverable, durable and cheap. It fits the bill for weekend paddlers, anglers and resort liveries alike.

The How of Why


After being asked by Nikon to make the movie “Why” using their new D4 DSLR camera (which is now at the top of the C&K wish-list, along with the remote control helicopter they used to film Dane Jackson hucking waterfalls in Veracruz, Mexico), adventure filmmaker Corey Rich also decided to capture what went on behind the scenes of the project.

C&K’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide


Presenting a paddling gift under the tree is never easy. There’s no good box or bag to conceal a boat or a paddle—and picking the right size, fit, and outfitting is often is best left to the discerning user anyway. Let’s make this easy. Here’s our picks for the easily stuff-able, box-able and shippable paddling items that work for any single- or double-bladed paddler on your list.

Ultimate Big-water Fishing Kayak Review


BIG WATER. Anglers read these two words differently than other kayakers. For the fish-obsessed, the term elicits visions of powerful dynamos with turbocharged tails, ocean denizens such as yellowtail, striped bass, tuna and even marlin.

Cobra Kayaks Marauder – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


Get this straight right from the start: This is a new Marauder, a meaner machine than the predecessor that shared its name.

Native Watercraft Manta Ray Angler 14 – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


Is it wrong to love a boat for the seat? If it is, we’re in trouble.

Fluid Kayaks Bamba – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


South Africa’s Fluid Kayaks has launched the Bamba, its first purpose-built fishing kayak.

Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.7 – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


Built and bred for the ocean, Ocean Kayak’s own supremely well-equipped New Zealand import stands out.

Hobie Mirage Revolution – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


This pedal-powered dynamo hit the ocean-going sweet spot from Day One.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 – Big-water Fishing Kayaks


The Tarpon name is a proud one reaching back to the early days of the modern kayak fishing movement.

5 Pack Canoes Tested


Canoes have a problem: They’re not always floating. Sometimes you have to carry them. And that can be an issue, especially in the Adirondack region of upstate New York, the birthplace of John Rushton’s legendary pack canoe. We tested 5 pack canoes that can ease the pain of portaging.

Wenonah Canak – Packing Light


As the name would suggest, Wenonah’s new Canak isn’t really a canoe or a kayak; it’s a blend of both.

Old Town Pack Canoe – Packing Light


An extremely practical little boat, the Old Town Pack is built for abuse, if not speed.

Hornbeck Blackjack Carbon Fiber Canoe


Made in Peter Hornbeck’s pine shed, the Blackjack carbon fiber canoe is simply the lightest pack canoe you’ll find anywhere. Featured in C&K magazine.

Swift Pack 13.6 Carbon Fusion – Packing Light


If you want an open-deck canoe that feels like a kayak, consider the Swift Pack 13.6, a pint-sized lightweight carbon/Kevlar trimmed solo canoe that paddles exactly like Swift’s popular Adirondack Kayak.

Placid Boatworks Spitfire – Packing Light


Touted by this Adirondack boat-crafter as “the most sophisticated pack canoe ever designed,” the handmade SpitFire is a modern remake of the classic Adirondack pack canoe—only longer, faster, and more stable than Rushton’s original.

Tunnel Vision


Something bad happened to North American tent design shortly after the first freestanding dome tents became popular in the 1980s. With the exception of those who clung to tired yet trusty A-frames, the camping masses shunned non-freestanding tents as being old and dated.

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Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide