What happens when you throw a Nova Craft Tuff Stuff canoe off a 100-foot building?


Thirty-five years ago, when Royalex was a new and unproven canoe material, the folks at Old Town tossed one of their new Royalex Trippers from the factory roof. The canoe bounced, and Old Town made its point. The new material was tough. Fast forward to yesterday. Royalex has been discontinued and stockpiles are dwindling. Canoe […]

‘River Dreams’ Is Now Available on DVD


“I love to showcase beautiful parts of our backyards,” says Hunter Nichols of his new film, River Dreams, which documents a 600-mile solo canoe trip he took from central Alabama to the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in Mississippi. “Like many, I can’t afford to plan a big trip overseas, but almost everybody has a backyard river that […]

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches V: Canoe Cart Portaging Tips


Dave and Amy Freeman check in from a portage-studded section of their route from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., highlighting some canoe-cart portaging Dos and Don’ts in this latest dispatch from their ongoing series of lessons learned during their 2,000-mile expedition across the Northeast.

Video: Paddle to D.C. – The Floating Petition


Video by Nate Ptacek National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, Dave and Amy Freeman, are in the midst of Paddle to DC, a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining. The couple has been sending C&K a series of dispatches highlighting […]

Big Al’s Canoe Seats Rant


Over a 35-year run, my old butt has made the acquaintance of damn near every style of canoe seat; from aluminum to roto-molded plastic, from foam pedestal to tractor seat, and from cane-laced to webbing. Some have been a pleasure to meet, others . . . notsomuch.

Mike Ranta finishes 4,750-mile adventure


Mike Ranta shares lessons learned during a seven-month, cross-Canada canoe voyage from B.C. to Nova Scotia: “We’ve got something really special (in Canada) and we need to keep it this way. We can’t let the mighty dollar change our attitudes on that. That kind of pride is not for sale.”

Canoeist Keith Lynch’s New (4,000-mile) American Dream


Keith Lynch was tired of his office job and wanted a challenge. He resigned and committed to a now five-month canoe trek from Montana back home to Dallas 4,000 miles down the Jefferson, Missouri, Mississippi, Red and Trinity Rivers.

Across the Canadian Subartic


Adam Maxwell relives his six-member crew’s 56-day, 907-mile summer expedition across the Canadian subarctic, tracing eight wild waterways from the heart of the Canadian hinterlands to the Hudson Bay coast.

Photo Essay: Canoeing British Columbia’s Turner Lakes


Lying on my stomach, I looked over the edge of the falls. A heavy white mist rose from the base of the canyon, 1,316 feet below. I couldn’t see the bottom. Looking up, I watched the wind silently gusting through the pines, scattering the mist. Not your usual start to a canoe trip, I observed.

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches IV: Destination Mattawa River


Dave and Amy Freeman check back in on the Mattawa River as they continue east across the Canadian Shield, plugging along with their message about the sulfide ore-mining threat to the Boundary Waters, and continuing their series of dispatches on tips, destinations, and lessons learned during their 2,000-mile expedition across the Northeast from Minnesota to Washington, D.C.

Mike Whitlock’s Mystery Canoe


Intrigued, Whitlock paid the $125 and commenced a year of reclamation. But even after turning the long-neglected junker back into a beautiful, red vessel once again capable water-worthy, Whitlock still wonders about the history of his rescue. Where did it come from? What was its original model? The garage sale find remains a fiberglass mystery.

How to Raise a Canoeing Cat


When we saw this photo on Instagram, we knew we had to ask photographer Nicole Gaunt how she convinced her cat to go canoeing given the standard feline aversion to forced baths, swimming and all possible submersion. We should have known that that it would have been easier to just ask the cat — Emma Deans — herself.

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches III: Upstream Travel advice


Dave and Amy Freeman, in the midst of Paddle to D.C., a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining, share tips on upstream travel.

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches II: Superior Paddling Destinations


Dave and Amy Freeman, are in the midst of Paddle to D.C., a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining.

Digital Feature: FUELS GOLD


Paddling through American’s hydro-fracking boom at the high-plains confluence of Big Oil and Big Muddy.

Destination: The Quetico Canoe Country


When Americans think of prime canoe country, they think Boundary Waters. And they’re right. But why stop at the border? Crossing into Ontario, starting with Quetico, opens an unlimited wealth of canoe country. This is what the Boundary Waters are justly famous for, only less crowded, less regulated, and with more options. This is not […]

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches: Lessons From the Grand Portage


My husband Dave and I are 26 days and about 600 miles into a 100-day, 2,000-mile expedition. Our chosen modes of travel are canoe and sailboat. The route: Ely, Minn. to Washington, D.C. The purpose: Save the pristine water of the million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) from the threat of sulfide ore mining. […]

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