Age: Summer of Love, 1967

Gig: Editor

Known for: Bitching about carrying his boat, and running stuff he shouldn’t to avoid same Boating since: 1996

Has paddled in: Twenty-three states, seven countries, and one territory, using everything from a Perception Dancer (first boat) to the hopelessly hogged Blue Hole canoe he re-gunwaled one winter

Came from: Oregon by way of Washington D.C., where he reported on the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies, and spent as much time as he could on the Potomac River

Brags about: Exposing the illicit arms deal that helped topple Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori

Also brags about: Catching a 40-pound tuna from his kayak in Baja

Never talks about: Losing his sea kayak in Glacier Bay

Inspired by: Andrew McAuley

In high school: Had a 1966 Mustang (primer and red), and a mullet

Favorite department at C&K: Unfiltered

Before work: Tries to paddle outrigger canoe, or tries to learn how to surf

After work: Diaper duty and storytime