10 Seductive Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviewed

Length: 11′ 3″
Width: 31″
Weight: 40 lbs
Price: $536
Material: Plastic

The Cobra sent for review didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. There was the usual rounded-out fanny divot, and my legs stretched comfortably to rest on any of the molded-in foot-rests. The Cobra came complete with two storage spaces, a center hatch between the legs with a twist-and-lock lid and the more sizable front hatch. Oddly, the front hatch lid had eight twist-and-lock mechanisms (this is a sit-on-top, not my grandmother’s safe).

On the left outer side was a paddle lock. This was composed of two plastic molded pieces screwed into the side hull a few inches apart, which could be flipped out to hold the paddle or lie flush against the side of the boat when not in use. Nice touch.

The rear storage well was lined with pad-eyes but didn’t have any bungee cords. No water-bottle holder or deck lines, either, but the Cobra did come equipped with both bow and stern carry toggles and side carry handles. This is another very stable tri-hull design. The turning wasn’t precise while edging, but the Escape was easily responsive to sweep strokes.

Bottom Line: No mess, no muss, but it can be the means to the end of providing you with a fun watercraft.