10 Seductive Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviewed

Length: 14″
Width: 31″
Weight: 65 lbs
Price: $679
Material: Plastic

For those who want to feel stable, stable, stable, the Marquesa is calling.

Keep dehydration at bay! There’s a nook for your water bottle. The Marquesa has a sizable front hatch and cover. The commonly seen molded fanny divot can also take a seat/back rest. The foot pegs are adjustable; just slide them to the appropriate slot. The deck just behind the seat has a crisscrossed bungee for a paddle float or storage, as is normally seen on decked kayaks but is less common on sit-on-tops. That deck area then drops down to the stern storage well. Carry toggles are on the bow and stern, and there are handles on both sides of the seat. Carry options are always welcome on a bigger boat.

Speedwise, the Marquesa isn’t going to beat the turtle or the hare. But, you know, it doesn’t have to. Try as I might, there was no edging to be edged on the Marquesa. “Straight!” it said, so straight I went. Sweep strokes were a little more successful in directing the Marquesa. The hull is as straight as an arrow under the bow and stern and then flares out.

Bottom line: A stable, high-volume sit-on-top, the Marquesa is great for the lazy, hazy days of summer and nature watching.