10 Seductive Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviewed

Length: 9′ 10″
Width: 30″
Weight: 44 lbs
Price: $649
Material: Plastic

There are some notable differences in the Nomad. Deep wells or grooves are absent in this kayak, the only exception being the storage well behind the seat. Otherwise, there isn’t much depth to the seat area, and the bow deck is flat. Evidently, water is meant to run right over this boat, not gather.

The Nomad comes with a low-profile seat and back rest that clips into pad-eyes. The back rest has a pocket. Super-comfortable thigh straps are clipped into each side of the kayak and provide excellent purchase and thus more boat control. The Nomad turned easily while both edging and sweeping. The deck is wider at the stern and narrows toward the bow. Carry handles are molded out of the kayak at both ends. I really liked this integrated and comfortable feature, as opposed to having dangling toggles. There are small front/rear hatches with flush twist-and-lock lids. Openings reveal a mesh bag. A painter line runs along the outer sides of the kayak, starting and stopping roughly two feet from the bow and stern. Two wide locking straps run across the stern storage well, secured by hardware drilled through the strap ends into the plastic. The straps then come over the top of the hardware. There were wear spots on the straps from rubbing over the hardware.

A water bottle can be secured in the molded holder between the legs. Alas, time didn’t allow taking the Nomad into surf conditions, where I think it would be a blast. A skeg accessory is available.

Bottom Line: The Nomad is suitable for flatwater and surf conditions.