10 Seductive Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviewed

Ocean Kayak
Length: 12′ 4″
Width: 32″
Weight: 53 lbs
Price: $569
Material: Plastic

The Sidekick reminded me of a long cedar log. If there’s a log in a semi-warm, calm bay here in the Pacific Northwest, kids are usually monkeying around on it and having a whale of a time. The Sidekick offers the same opportunity for good times. It’s intended for one and a half folks (a.k.a., an adult and child) and can handle all the frolic you want to throw at it.

There are necessary carry toggles on the bow and stern, as well as handles on both sides. The only storage hatch is between the legs. Unscrew it to find a four-inch-deep stow spot, perfect for sunscreen, keys, and Cracker Jack. A molded fanny divot came with the seat/back rest for the main paddler, and an extra seat/back rest for the half-pint. The kid’s seat can be positioned to face, sit in front of, or behind the main paddler. There are five molded foot-rest options for the main paddler.

Paddle-lock mechanisms for each paddler are on the side of the kayak. The bungee cords on the test boat, however, weren’t long enough to pull over the shaft of the paddle. The Sidekick has a stern storage well with bungees over the top but lacks perimeter deck lines. A water-bottle holder is included. The pontoon-like tri-shaped hull means stability is rock solid. The bow is upswept and the stern low to the water.

Bottom Line: Looking for a fun way to spend some time with the kids? Throw out the XBox and get a Sidekick.