Length: 11′ 2″
Width: 30″
Weight: 43 lbs
Price: $499
Material: Plastic

The Exhilarator has bow and stern carry toggles and handles on both sides. The only hatch is the one between the legs. Opening it exposes the whole length of the inside of the boat. As with many SOTs, anything you put down there could end up sliding hither and yon, not a bad thing necessarily, but it’s something to consider.

Though there is hardware present to hold a seat/seat back, none was sent. Sitting on molded-out plastic was comfortable. Lack of seat cushion or back rest probably wouldn’t matter if you’re in and out of the boat a lot. There is also hardware to strap on thigh braces, but those weren’t sent either. Four foot-rest options, stacked like little stairs on their sides, are molded into the kayak. The bow deck has bungee cords. The stern storage well has bungees over the top for securing purposes.

The Exhilarator was responsive to edging, though I had to lean pretty far, and was more immediately responsive to sweep strokes. Not the fastest of the bunch, or the slowest. The Exhilarator is a high-volume sit-on-top, and its tri-hull design makes it very stable. It has no perimeter deck lines.

Bottom Line: The Exhilarator is a well-priced sit-on-top aimed at the rec paddler.