10 Seductive Sit-on-Top Kayaks Reviewed

Mirage Sport
Length: 9′ 7″
Width: 34″
Weight: 57 lbs
Price: $1,299
Material: Plastic

This boat’s most unusual aspect is its large pedaling mechanism (That’s right, pedaling). Two rubber fins are connected to two foot pedals by a sturdy housing. Drop the fins through the cutout in the hull, lock it by turning a couple of pieces of hardware, and—voilà! The pedals are positioned for your feet as you sit. Think recumbent bike. You start pedaling, the fins start fanning, and off you go like a water bug. For you speed demons, a Pitot Tube (a.k.a., speedometer) rises vertically from the pedal housing, with a little ball that will move up the tube to measure your speed.

The rudder release is on the right side of the boat; the rudder control is on the left. Both are hand operated. The sitting well is deep. A seat with a high back band and a detachable fanny pack is included. Each outer side of the kayak has a paddle rest. There are carry toggles on both ends and one additional handle on the right side, as well as a tie-down cleat. Behind the seat, storage capacity is open-topped, with load-securing bungees. There is a small bagless hatch in the bow of the kayak with a screw-top lid. The Mirage Sport could benefit from having some perimeter deck lines to grab onto when maneuvering on land.

The Mirage Sport is very stable and is at its fastest when being pedaled. It likes to go straight and turns fine with rudder control, but it’s not as responsive with traditional kayak strokes. The Mirage Sport can accept sail and fishing rod add-ons.

Bottom Line: The Mirage Sport is the multi-tasker of sit-on-tops.