Length: 12′ 8″
Width: 25.25″
Weight: 32 lbs
Price: $1,495
Material: Composite

The only composite sit-on-top of the bunch, the Epic GP is extremely stable and at the same time built to move. The seat area is a deep well that inclines under the thighs, which guides the legs into individual troughs, with feet braced on adjustable foot braces. The back of the seat forms from the rear deck, which is indented for storage and covered by flush bungee cords. There isn’t an added seat back, as it isn’t needed, nor are there any storage hatches. Both the bow and stern have a bungee configuration as well as deck lines. The minimal hardware is recessed. Water-bottle holder, check. Though the boat can be easily carried over one’s head, a six-inch-long piece has been screwed into the kayak to give a fingertip grip area for carrying it on its side.

The composite layup makes this an extremely light sit-on-top, easily carried by one person. The hull is a wide rounded V that flares at the ends. This boat has a racier, athletic look to it, reminiscent of sprint kayaks, not seen on your average sit-on-top. The Epic GP was effortless to turn. I found that what I needed to be there was, and what I didn’t wasn’t. Refreshing.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a light, single-carry sit-on-top, the performance-oriented Epic GP is it.