Caster 12.5 w/rudder
Length: 12′ 6″
Width: 29.75″
Weight: 59 lbs
Price: $829.99
Material: Plastic

Right off the bat, the Caster made me feel like I was on a cable TV fishing show. Plastic is heavy, yes, but easy to clean fish guts off and durable.

Carry handles on both sides, as well as at the bow and stern, kindly give a couple options for carrying, though the rudder is a bit in the way of the stern handle. Paddle rests are located on either side of the seat on the outer edge of the boat. The adjustable foot pegs operate the rudder. There are three hatches: the small day hatch behind the seat and another between one’s calves each contain a mesh bag. A larger hatch is built into the bow.

The stern isn’t decked but features a cavity to carry a cooler, tackle box, and extra gear secured by bungee cords over the top. Perception can customize the Caster for your fishing needs if you like. The hull is straight, the bottom flat and flaring as it forms the bow and stern ends. The rudder definitely eases the turning, which otherwise feels like a car without power steering.

Bottom Line: The wide and stable Caster 12.5 offers a great fishing platform or means by which to explore calm waters.