Length: 14′
Width: 26′
Weight: 46 lbs
Price: $599
Material: Thermoform Plastic

Bic. I’m sure most folks’ first thought is “Don’t they make lighters and pens?” Yes, they do. They also make kayaks under the title of Bic Sport. The Scapa moved surprisingly fast. Its best feature was going straight and tracking. It was also very stable. Turning was more of a secondary aspect with sweep strokes more effective than edging. The seat area has a no-slip pad and is molded with a slight decline backward toward a molded lower back rest. This allows the legs to stretch out, and the feet rest comfortably on any of the molded foot rests.

There wasn’t a hatch in the Scapa I tested. There is room to store gear, however, in a rear storage well and under a small, triangular webbing on the bow. The rear storage well has a nicely sloped curve near the stern, where water can easily drain. D-rings are placed along both sides of the Scapa, through which to run perimeter deck lines and straps over the rear storage well. There are handles on both sides of the seat. The carry toggles located on the bow and stern are molded into the kayak. This handle configuration blends well with the overall lines of the Scapa. It’s comfortably and easily carried by two. There’s a drink holder between the legs.

Of the many accessories available, a cool one is a snap-on removable hard deck and spray skirt. These were not included with the reviewed Scapa.