October 2005 Table of Contents

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A tranquil Greenland campsite provides one of the more reflective moments during the “Trip from Hell” that begins on page 46. Photo by Larry Rice


Trespassing in Torngak’s Territory – Portaging and lining their way through the Torngat Mountains of Labrador’s rugged interior while battling swarms of bloodsucking mosquitoes were just some of the challenges that confronted a group of venturesome canoeists encroaching on the home of a man-eating Inuit spirit. By Geoffrey Peake

Yellowstone Browns – A trout-filled channel connecting Yellowstone’s Lewis and Shoshone Lakes lures late-season kayaking fishermen to wager a bottle of Jim Beam for the one who lands the most trophies the fastest.
By Tom Bol

Trip From Hell – When the going gets tough, even highly experienced wilderness travelers sometimes lose their cool in the outback.By Larry Rice


Oswagatchie River, New York – A sudden lightning storm illuminates a canoe sojourn down a brilliant upstate waterway.Alan Belford

Prince William Sound , Alaska – The sensations associated with glaciers calving their detritus into glassy Blackstone Bay overwhelm a group of kayakers exploring the vast untamed seascape.By Lin Alder

Day Trips: Madison, Wisconsin – Wisconsin Badger pride (and plastic beer cups) overflow in this quirky college town, but nothing matches a true Madisonian’s zest for stellar lake paddling. By Mathew Magolan


Roarin’ Araguari – Corran Addison’s team of surfers is the first to ride a freakish Brazilian tidal bore. They didn’t dominate it, but they didn’t get spanked,either. By Mike Kord

Around the U.S. in 480 Days – Swedish Adventurer Renata Chlumska is on a 16-month mission to circumnavigate the continental U.S. Follow her adventure on-line Follow her adventure on-line By Mike Kord

A Green Republican – Martha Marks – President fo the Republican Conservatin Group Rep America – is one of the enviros best shots at attaining bipartisan support for the environment.



Surviving Lightning – The shore is not always a safe haven – have a backup plan in mind. By Cliff Jacobson

Sea Kayak Technique – To PFD or not to PFD. Is it a question?
By John Meyer

Canoe Technique – How to stay upright. By Steve Salins

Whitewater Technique – Pick the right paddle.By Mary DeRiemer


New Products – By the Editors

REVIEW: DrysuitsBy Larry Rice
REVIEW: Racing KayaksBy Marty Grabijas








DOWN THE STREAM – Look for these feature in upcoming issues

Buyer’s Bonanza – Our annual Buyer’s Guide is chock full of gear.

Hitch a Ride on the Hatchie – Tennessee’s Hatchie is the longest continuous stretch of naturally meandering river in the lower Mississippi Valley.

Biscanyne Bay- What better way to spend a winter day than cavorting with manatees and dolphins while paddling near Miami?

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