Jason Beaked won the Great Falls Race at the 15th annual Potomac Whitewater Festival.

Andy Maser finished second and Eric Jackson placed third in the mens. EJ escaped serious injury when Jason’s boat landed in his midsection on the last drop of the race.
After a visit to the hospital EJ was seen hobbling to the PWF Party with major muscle injuries but , thankfully, no broken bones or internal organs.
Kristin Podolak tok first in the womans
‘s division followed by Robin Betz. In the C-1 Joe Stumpfel finished in first place and Todd Baker took the honors in the Jr. Men category.

Great Falls Race 2005 final race results

Times are the results for the one-boat timed run in the preliminary round.

MEN (Boat Length 8’6” and Under)


1. Jason Beakes 730:44.28

2. Andy Maser 320.49.54

3. Eric Jackson 550:45.06

4. Jimmy Blakeney 670:51.90

5. Danny Stock 740:52.53

6. Rob Terry1900:52.63

7. Joe Stumpfel (C-1) 970:53.19

8. Bryan Kirk 710:53.40

9. Steve Fisher 310:53.50

10. Keith Liles 380:53.96

11. Todd Baker (Jr.) 10:55.53

12. John Warner 190:55.00

13. Greg Morrison1280:55.93

14. Spencer Cooke1740:56.41

15. Luke Hopkins1760:56.87

16. Pete Morey 780:58.26

17. Bryan Dorr1210:58.97

18. Bobby Miller 790:59.09

19. Matt Esteve1701:02.33

20. Mark Cecchini 591:11.78

21. Zach Brittin1881:20.28

22. Jack Conroy 911:22.90

MEN (Boat Length > 8’6”)


1. Rob Tompkins 870:51.37

2. Jeff Calhoon 290:53.00

3. David Finney1140:59.72

4. Tom McEwan 421:15.81



1. Kristin Podolak 121:01.81

2. Robin Betz1751:14.22



1. Todd Baker 10:55.53



1. Joe Stumpfel 970:53.19

The 15th Annual Potomac Whitewater Festival raises funds for American Whitewater. AW’s River Stewardship team represents paddlers’ interests to restore rivers, eliminate water degradation, improve public land management and protect public access for responsible recreational use.