Skip Ciccarelli with his canoe prior to his June 27 departure. Photo: Ciccarelli collection

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  • Marty Vander Vliet

    Hey Skip,

    Not sure if you remember me, but we had a nice talk when you paddled into the harbor in Sheboygan, Wi. June of 2008. Just finished reading an article which featured your paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in Canoe & Kayak magazine. When I saw your picture, I said:”Hey, I know that guy!” Glad to see you are still at it. If you ever get back to Sheboygan, send me an email or call me at 920-980-8585.

    Best regards,

    Marty Vander Vliet

  • Ed Peck

    Love the NFCT, Hornbeck Pack Canoes, and people over 60 who accomplish tremendous feats. Whats not to like about this man, and what he has done. Being almost 69, and fairly athletic, I fantacise all the time about doing what Skip did.
    I know Skip would say, stop fatacising and JUST DO IT! After reading about what he
    did, all I can say is I’m getting close. Life is too short not to go after your dreams.

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