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Quiet waters in Ontario’s Pukaskwa Park. Photo by Gary McGuffin


BOREAL CONFLUENCE – Five French adventurers complete an arduous five-month expedition from the Pacific Ocean to Hudson Bay. By Sebastien Pandolfl and Vincent Athias

A PLAN IS HATCHED – A couple volunteer for the Ontario Breeding bird Atlas project in the province’s spectacular Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.
By Margaret Carney

THE THRILL OF THE PADDLE – Canoeist and cartoonist Paul Mason reflects on llife with his father, the late legendary Bill Mason.By Larry Rice

EPIC ADVENTURES – Long before the glamorization of adventure racing, rugged pioneers blazed through inhospitable netherworlds with little more than sheer grit and obsessive compulsion. This is a series of five articles exploring paddling pioneers and their epic journeys.

ACROSS THE NORTHERN WILDS – Verlen Kruger may have been born 200 years too late, but he still became the first to cross the Canadian and Alaskan wild in just one brutal season.By Mara Kahn

TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH – Leonidas Hubbard’s quest for glory in Labrador morphed into a tragic, heart breaking calamity.By Mara Kahn

CRAZED AND COURAGEOUS – Don Starkell’s nearly suicidal family voyage from Winnipeg to the Amazon remains one of modern canoeing’s greatest expeditions.By Mara Kahn

BRAVERY IN THE BARRENS – In 1893, brothers Joseph and James Tyrrell discovered new lands, rivers and the horrors of starvation.By Alan S. Kesselheim

NORTHERN CORPS OF DISCOVERY – Even with drysuits, spray decks, and air dropped caches of food, today’s ubergearheads would get spanked retracing Mackenzie’s route to the Pacific.By Alan S. Kesselheim


RIO GRANDE RIVER, Texas/Mexico – Explore the border country in the Big Bend area of Texas.Alan S. Kesselheim

KEELE RIVER , Northwest Territories, Canada – The headwaterrs of the Keele are just North of the Nahanni and are far less visited while giving you similar views and geologic experiences.By Curt Newsom


TURNAGAIN RIVER, British Columbia, Canada

ATHABASCA RIVER, Alberta, Canada


Ten Essentials for Wilderness Canoeing By Cliff Jacobson and Jan Dettmer

Wilderness Canoe Review - Think there’s only one kind of canoe for you? We put that theory- and seven boats made of different materials – to the challenge.By Curt Newsome

Best Canoe Paddles - A balanced, lightweight, ergonomic paddle is a beautiful tool that will eneable you to eat up the miles.By Alan S. Kesselheim


  • Divorce Boat Disclosures – case histories and tips to keep peace when paddling with a partner.
  • Focus on the Basics(of paddling a cnaoe)
  • Control your Ferry
  • A Stroke to eat the Miles – and make you feel like it was only yards.



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  • Jim Reid

    Is Canoe Journal still published? How can I get a subscription to it?


  • Chris Hebert

    I just found out there is a magazine called Canoe Journal. When I click on the google search results I am directed to Canoe Kayak magazine. How can I subscribe to Canoe Journal. I am sick of kayaks. I am from Louisiana and love the marshes and swamps, photography, hunting fishing, touring, relaxing. Whenever I use a kayak I get even the smallest waves over the back and get wet (good for the beach not the swamp and marsh). Sometimes I get snakes and alligators wanting to ride with me. This doesn’t happen with canoes. I want to learn more about canoes.

  • doug billington

    I cant find canoe journal at new stand

  • doug billington

    Is there back issues of canoe journal?

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