how to canoe

Alan Schmidt with his homemade canoe at Baker Lake, Washington State. Photo: Aaron Schmidt

Canoeing down North America’s rivers is as much a part of the land’s history as hiking through its mountains. There’s a reason John Muir and Henry David Thoreau picked up the paddle. Canoeing offers an intimacy with the land few other activities can provide.

With the following lessons, you can pick up a paddle and carry on the tradition.

Canoe 101

Five Tandem Essentials

how to canoeVirtual Coach: Tandem Basics

The fundamentals of tandem canoe techniques

how to canoeVirtual Coach: Busting the MITH

How to Carve River-Ready Turns

how to canoeMastering pivot and sideslip strokes

Just when you think the bow rests easy, Paul Mason instructs on a crucial tandem canoe technique.

how to canoeVirtual Coach: Lift and Carry

Master the portage trail.