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Ergo Tour T4 C, $299, Carbon, 33 oz.
Ergo Tour T4 E, $189, Fiberglass, 35 oz. (pictured)

Available in standard and small shaft options, the Ergo Tour T4 lets you enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic touring paddle at an economical price. Dihedral blades slice effortlessly through the water while providing a powerful, flutter-free stroke on this light, durable, and economical paddle.


Xception SL, $459, Carbon, 27 oz.
Xception XV, $339, Carbon/Fiberglass, 33 oz. (pictured)

The benchmark of excellence in touring paddles, the Xception series is the lightest, most high-performing touring paddle in our line. Foam core blades and unibody construction allow for superior performance, natural flex and hours of paddling day after day. Paddle farther and paddle longer with the Xception.


$339, Carbon/Fiberglass, 34 oz. (pictured)
Crafted with the fisherman in mind, the Fishstix paddle is the ultimate angling paddle and is used by the top kayak anglers. Its oversized foam core blades and carbon-braided shaft let you paddle farther to find the next record-breaking fish lurking below the surface.


AT2 Standard, $425, Carbon/Aramid/Glass, 37 oz (pictured)
AT2 Flexi, $425, Carbon/Glass, 39 oz.
AT2 Super Light, $459, Carbon, 36 oz.

Used by some of the world’s best kayakers, the AT2 Series features three time-tested, record-breaking whitewater paddles. Foam core blades, Dynell coated edges, and our exceptional ergonomic bent shaft combine to create a light, responsive and durable paddle series for whitewater.


AT4 River C, $299, Carbon, 43 oz.
AT4 River E, $179, Fiberglass, 46 oz. (pictured)
AT4 Play C, $299, Carbon, 42 oz.
AT4 Play E, $179, Fiberglass, 45 oz.

Featuring a bomb-proof ergonomic shaft and resilient fiberglass blades, the AT4 Series provides high performance at an economical price. The AT4 River has larger blades that provide more purchase when you need it, while the AT4 Play features smaller, more mobile blades, perfect for any play spot.

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