About the Canoe & Kayak Awards

The Nominating Process and Judging Criteria

The Canoe & Kayak Awards is a forum for the paddling community to recognize excellence in our sport. Winners are nominated by their peers and chosen by everyday paddlers. The Canoe & Kayak Awards celebrate all aspects of our sport, with a very simple bottom line: Which paddlers, expeditions, films and causes most inspire our readers to seek out their own paddling adventures.

The Nominating Process

The Nominating Process

In May, C&K editors polled the paddling community via Facebook, asking paddlers to choose nominees for each category. A committee of accomplished paddlers, adventurers, filmmakers and C&K editors reviewed the resulting list and finalized the nominees in each category. We asked the community and the community to base their choices on one criterion: Choose the paddlers, adventures, expeditions, causes, and films that best represent the sport of paddling, based on accomplishments during the year ending June 1, 2013.

You Choose the Winners

You Choose the Winners

Then, we put it to the people. We invited the paddling community to go to CKAwards.com to vote for their favorite paddlers, and the most inspiring expeditions, worthiest causes and best paddling films. You, the reader, decide. That is what the Canoe & Kayak Awards ultimately is all about.

The Categories and Criteria

The Categories and Criteria

Male Paddler of the Year
The most impressive male paddler during the 12 months ending June 1, 2013. It’s about pure paddling skill paired with the desire to go big, go often and inspire others.

Female Paddler of the Year
The most impressive female paddler during the 12 months ending June 1, 2013. It’s about pure paddling skill paired with the desire to go big, go often and inspire others.

Expedition of the Year
Awarded to the team that completes the toughest, most committing and historically significant paddling expedition of the year. Multi-sport expeditions are eligible if paddling is integral to the mission.

Spirit of Adventure
Awarded to the person or group who best embodies the spirit of adventure in paddling.

Paddle with Purpose
Awarded to a philanthropic organization, team or individual that uses paddling to enrich the lives of others.

Film Achievement
The filmmaker(s) bringing the most progressive body of visual-storytelling work to the screen, communicating our sport best through the lens of cinematography and editing. Awarded for work that debuts in the 12 months ending June 1, 2013.

Photo of the Year
The photo contest will first be hosted on Facebook to find three photographers from our audience. They will then compete with the seven remaining photographers picked by C&K staff as finalists. Gallery prints of the finalists will be displayed at the award show, where attendees will choose the winner.

Lifetime Achievement Award
In recognition of longstanding and significant contributions to the sport of paddling. This is the only committee-selected award not open for voting. The honoree will be announced at the CKAwards Aug. 1.


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  • Daniel Elasky

    Davey Hearn or Cathy Hearn for Lifetime Achievement Award. Their achievements are way more impressive than running waterfalls.

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