2013 Expedition of the Year

An adventure of canoeing above 60º across Canada takes the win

Taking home the biggest award of the evening, the team members of the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition smiled big as they accepted the $2,500 Expedition Grant check presented by Shred Ready, the first year it was presented at the Canoe & Kayak Awards.

Their expedition involved running a four-month, 2,600-mile canoe journey across Canada’s Northern Territories. Their trek remained almost entirely above 60 degrees latitude as the four Midwesterners made their way from the Pacific Ocean to Hudson Bay.



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  • Kris & Jim

    Congratulations to Transfer Territorial team Pete Steve Winchell and Matt! Trudging up stream in an ice packed river it must have been difficult to imagine survival much less winning such an award. We are so happy that you achieved BOTH!!!

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