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Running Brazil’s Rio Mambucaba

10.11.2011 //

I knew I had forgotten something when coming to Brazil. I realized what it was—to learn Portuguese—when I tried to ask how long the drive would be. Thanks to my book, Beginning Portuguese, which I’d glanced at on the plane, I could at least ask our driver where the laundromat was and count to 999 as his Land Rover bounced up the long, insanely bumpy driveway to his farm, Fazenda Bonito.

Bratislava #7

09.11.2011 //

“Why is this French C-2 team paddling on the same side?” I asked in the caption to my photo in Bratislava #3. Now I know that my guess was wrong: They weren’t “just hacking around.” In the C-2 final Saturday, that same French team—who I discovered is the legendary Fabian Lefevre and his partner Denis Gargaud-Chanut—was the last boat down the course…

Bratislava #5

09.08.2011 //

t wasn’t exactly a quiet day at the course today, but the sound was not the roar of the crowd, rather the roar of the event-canceling wind. What’s a honed and hungry racer to do?

Tunnel Vision

09.02.2011 //

Something bad happened to North American tent design shortly after the first freestanding dome tents became popular in the 1980s. With the exception of those who clung to tired yet trusty A-frames, the camping masses shunned non-freestanding tents as being old and dated.

VIRTUAL COACH: Packing for a SUP Trip

08.04.2011 //

Video: SUP author and instructor Rob Casey’s 18 tips

Stories from the River

07.19.2011 //

Five2Nine Productions’ Currents series of online videos came full circle last month when Ottawa-based videographer Mike McKay returned to Hood River, Ore., for the third time to shoot whitewater paddling on the White Salmon, Little White and other Class V creeks. McKay and his Vancouver-based friend, Steve Arns, traveled to Hood River on a whim in December 2009.

Video: Worlds Breakdown

06.28.2011 //

Video round-up, with Emily Jackson as host, breaking down the finals of the ICF Freestyle Kayak World Championships over the weekend in Plattling, Germany.

Whitewater Needs More… Cheat Fest

05.06.2011 //

Mud squishes between my toes as the Halftime String Band takes the stage. My buddy Bob Spangler plucks hollow notes on his upright bass. Yesterday he led me down the lower Big Sandy for the first time, and then it rained all night and the Cheat Canyon gauge shot up to 6 feet. God, I love Cheat Fest.

To Save a Wooden Canoe: Part 4

04.21.2011 //

“So you’re starting to see what I mean about all the sanding?” says Ron Pellinen, my wooden canoe-building mentor, when I walk into his shop on a brisk March morning in Northern Ontario. Perched on an office chair in his workshop garage, Pellinen has just cut the power to the orbital sander he was using to smooth the contours of a thwart, one of the ash crosspieces that adds strength and structure to a canoe.

Gallery: Toketee Falls – First Descent

04.20.2011 //

Images of Chris Korbulic running Oregon’s Toketee Falls

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