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Behind the Lens: John Rathwell

03.06.2014 //

Behind the Lens: Whitewater photographer John Rathwell captures the fleeting magic of a Dane Jackson huck in Mexico.

Kayaking Mexico’s Final Frontier

03.04.2014 //

When Canadian pro paddler Joel Kowalski and photographer John Rathwell told us about this exploratory mission to the western Mexican state of Michoacan late last year, they added a warning: Don’t tell a soul until we get back.

Is Whitewater Going Big-Time?

03.03.2014 //

“If I was doing this for the money I would have chosen probably golf or something.” Those words of wisdom from whitewater superstar Rush Sturges, in . . . Toyota’s “Keep It Wild” advertising campaign? Today, it passed 1 million views on YouTube. Toyota plans to air the spot on national television. Spoiler alert: Sturges […]

Landfall: Kayaker in Bermuda after Nearly Five Months at Sea

02.24.2014 //

By Jeff Moag Sixty-seven-year-old kayaker Aleksander “Olek” Doba landed at Ely’s Harbour, Bermuda early this morning, 142 days after leaving Portugal in a 23-foot kayak. Despite storm winds that pushed him in circles for six weeks, and finally a broken rudder that forced him to divert to Bermuda for repairs, Doba reached the Atlantic island […]

Olek to Rescuers: No Thanks

01.25.2014 //

Polish adventurer Aleksander Doba, 111 days into his trans-Atlantic crossing, recently turned away would-be rescuers on Dec 23, during his crossing from Portugal to Florida.

PowerPot V

12.13.2013 //

Honestly, you don’t need to bring your iPhone on a multi-day paddling trip. That said, the PowerPot V cooking/charging apparatus is very cool.

Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer Detained in Peru

10.24.2013 //

Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer was held overnight this week on Peru’s Maranon River by villagers who mistook his river-running party for a dam survey crew.

A Conversation From the Barricades

10.02.2013 //

C&K speaks with Scott Lee, one of more than two-dozen river runners camped near the barricaded road to the Grand Canyon put-in. Lee and his 16-person party have a valid permit to Wednesday Oct 2, but National Park Service rangers barred access to the river, citing the government shutdown.

Freestyle Worlds Coverage

09.06.2013 //

Bryson City, NC — Today is a big day at the World Championships as the major competitions face off for semi finals. America’s Clay Wright currently sits in lead of squirt boats with a total score of 1220, and Great Britain’s Claire O’Hara sits in the top women’s squirt with a total score of 1253. […]

The Deliverance Canoe is For Sale

09.04.2013 //

A wood and canvas Old Town canoe used in the most iconic paddling movie of all time goes on the auction block next Tuesday. The weathered green canoe has hung in the restaurant of the Clarion Hotel in Fremont, Neb., for 13 years. The hotel is now going out of business, and as they say on late-night television, “Everything must go!”

Tricky What?

08.29.2013 //

Next week, the ICF World Freestyle Kayak Championships will be contested on a newly created play hole at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina. Here’s what to expect.

Mr. Canoe Paddles On

12.10.2012 //

Canoeing icon Ralph Frese died December 10 in a hospice overlooking the Chicago River’s East Branch. He was 86 years old. The proprietor of Chicagoland Canoe Base began paddling in a canvas-covered kayak on the Illinois River when he was a teenager. By the time he was 24, Frese was mass-producing canoes for his local Boy Scout troop, and in 1967 he paddled voyageur canoe replicas from Chicago to the World’s Fair in Montreal. In 1973 he retraced Louis Jolliet and Father Jacques Marquette’s 3,000-mile 1673 expedition.

After the Dam, a new Northwest Classic

11.05.2012 //

What lies beneath?

It’s a question that’s been on paddlers’ and naturalist’s minds alike since the 98-year-old Condit Dam was removed from Washington’s White Salmon River in October 2011. With the dam gone, the still waters of Northwestern Lake drained away, revealing nearly two miles of riverbed coated in a nearly100-year accumulation of silt and downed timber from the surrounding forests. Access to this new run officially opened this weekend, November 3, and C&K has a preview from the first paddlers to document the stretch.

Nile Fest Special

10.16.2012 //

Day 3 of the Nile River Festival went HUGE. It was a slow morning after a big night in camp. It rained nearly 3 inches Saturday night, which created a massive mud pit in the middle of the party. Mud dancing and wrestling lasted throughout the night! The hang-over cure was a 15 kilometer mass-start race from Itanda to Nile Special Sunday morning. Local paddler Jackson 1 (that is his real name; he has two brothers named Jackson 2 and Jackson 3) got the beatdown of the weekend in the Bad Place at the bottom of Itanda, starting the day off with a big swim!

Moosefest State of Mind

10.16.2012 //

Photo gallery and story from Scott Martin of this weekend’s Fall Moosefest, 2012. The finale of the 4-part King of New York race series.

Give it up for David Moor

10.14.2012 //

Ugandan David Moor wins the Itanda Falls Race, the first of three stages in the Nile River Festival.

Ready to Rumble: The 2012 Nile River Festival

10.12.2012 //

Words and Photos by Seth Warren We made the pre-event journey to Itanda Falls today. This is going to be one of the best river festivals of all time here in Uganda. There is still plenty of whitewater to be had, despite the tragic damming of Bujagali, which has drastically impacted the whitewater tourism. In […]

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