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Lefevre Gold at 2014 Slalom Worlds

09.20.2014 //

By Joe Potoczak Fabien Lefevre, the young French superstar turned American veteran, today won the 2014 C-1 world championship at home in his adopted country. It’s Lefevre’s seventh ICF world championship gold, but his first in C-1, and first as an American. “I had the crowd on my side, pushing me downstream,” Lefevre says. The […]

Rides: Herbert Howe’s Alumacraft 18.6

09.08.2014 //

Big Al was like your parents’ Buick. The Alumacraft 18.6 turned well, was stable, took a bruising and just kept cruising.

Blind Kayakers Begin Grand Challenge

09.06.2014 //

Best known for becoming the first blind person to scale Mount Everest, Erik Weihenmayer has set his sights on what, for him, is an even more daunting challenge: kayaking the Grand Canyon.

Destination Torngat: Expedition to Canada’s Far Northeast

08.25.2014 //

Kayaker Ben Stookesberry leads an all-star team of paddlers on an exploratory longboat waterfall recon run through the Torngat Mountains, the Northeast’s largest contiguous roadless area in the remote reaches of the Labrador Peninsula, accessing tributary first descents via canoe routes and broadcasting the photos and progress in real-time across social networking platforms.

Sarah Outen Finishes Alaskan Kayak Epic

08.13.2014 //

From the middle of the North Pacific, Sarah Outen dialed her friend on the sat phone. Did Curgenven fancy a 1,355-mile kayak trip along the length of the Aleutian Islands?

The 2014 C&K Award for Lifetime Achievement: Jamie McEwan

08.09.2014 //

Jamie was as Renaissance a man as you can get in this day and age. He was an everything boater: a river runner, a racer, a play boater, an expedition boater. He was much more than that though.

Rush Sturges joins Jackson Kayak

08.07.2014 //

After 14 years paddling for Dagger Kayaks, whitewater Renaissance man Rush Sturges has signed a sponsorship deal with Jackson Kayaks.

Raft-a-Palooza versus Floatzilla!

08.01.2014 //

On Sunday, a small New Hampshire community will do its best to slay FloatZilla, and claim the Guinness World Record for their beloved Lake Winnipesaukee.

Achieving GOALS on Oregon’s Rogue River

07.31.2014 //

During a GOALS outdoor education program, kids learn to push themselves physically and mentally, to trust one another, and to recognize the growth that occurs both individually and collectively between the put-in and the take-out.

Whale encounters: How close is too close?

07.30.2014 //

This close encounter with a Southern Right Whale was either a transcendental example of interspecies communion, or an unconscionable crime. Take your pick.

Life on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

07.24.2014 //

“I didn’t want something big to take home to my normal life. I want a trip like the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to be my normal life.”

Video: Kayakers Ride Whale

07.22.2014 //

Yes, this really happened. Right whale surfaces under kayakers in Argentina.

Rush Sturges and the North Fork Championship

07.10.2014 //

If you’re wondering why we profiled the North Fork Championship in the June issue, and paddling filmmaker Rush Sturges in the July book, look no further than Sturges’s latest release.

Smolen Bronze in Slalom World Cup

06.22.2014 //

Michal Smolen roared to his first career world cup podium, paddling to a bronze medal in men’s K-1 at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague on Saturday.

The Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp

06.16.2014 //

The Princeton Tec Vizz headlamp is compact, light, sturdy, and intuitively straight-forward.

80 Percent by Jamie McEwan

06.16.2014 //

There should be a word to denote that special euphoria, that divine nonalcoholic drunkenness that comes at the end of a long, active day on and in cold water and snow.

Everyday Hero in Dramatic Crane Rescue

06.11.2014 //

The men were operating a crane on the riverbank, and Oglesbee happened to be the one wearing a harness. Suspended from the crane, he grasped the woman’s outstretched hand, and pulled her to safety.

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