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Five Weeks, One Film, One Crazy Raft

04.12.2013 //

Last May, four Fort Lewis College students began a prolonged 35-day connection with the local river that they too often took for granted. That’s no longer the case, after the students started an ambitious multi-sport river expedition at the absolute headwaters of the Animas River, which flows right through their college town of Durango, Colo. A month and half later, they crossed Lake Powell in a raft motorized with solar panels—something never before accomplished.

Slippery When Wet, No. 7: The Knight Bros.

04.05.2013 //

This is the seventh (and final) trailer from Shasta Boyz Productions’ new film, Slippery When Wet. Each trailer features an athlete from the film and provides a little insight into each character’s lifestyle. The sequel to Wet Dreams, this film from Shon Bollock features segments from the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and Japan, and offers […]


04.03.2013 //

We recently caught up with Marty Perry of the Vancouver-based Hurricane Riders crew to find out more about its new four-part series titled, The push. Our questions for Marty: What was the impetus for the series, where did you shoot it, and what exactly is involved in a new ‘recruit’ earning their THR stripes? Multiple wave beatdown? Also, after seeing the first two installments below, when will there be more?

Bringing it to (Great) Bear

04.01.2013 //

Last fall, Calgary-based whitewater paddler Paul Manning-Hunter, 25, a member of Canada’s national slalom team, and longtime friends Daniel Robb, 24, and Spencer Taft, 25, spent eight days sea kayaking British Columbia’s wild Central Coast—the same convoluted, mountain-rimmed channels that could soon be plied by supertankers. The three Albertans decided to steer clear of the political debate in producing a film about the expedition. The result is a powerful short that cuts to the core of sea kayak touring and captures the beauty of coastal wilderness.

Newest Kayak “in the Fold”

03.16.2013 //

When he moved to San Francisco four years ago, Anton Willis was dismayed by the realization that he’d have nowhere to store a hardshell sea kayak in his apartment. Then he read a magazine story about advances in origami and got an idea. Instead of buying a typical skin-on-frame folding kayak, he would design his own.

Rescue for River Runners

03.15.2013 //

In Episode Nine of the R3: Rescue for River Runners video lesson series debuting on CanoeKayak.com, Jim Coffey covers a topic as relevant as ever: how to mitigate the risks of a foot entrapment situation.

Best In Show: Canoecopia 2013

03.12.2013 //

Every March, more than 20,000 Midwestern paddlers make an annual pilgrimage to attend the Canoecopia consumer expo in Madison, Wis. Over the three-day event this weekend, paddling enthusiasts visited more than 200 exhibitors to check out the latest canoes, kayaks, paddles, apparel, gear and accessories. Here’s a handful of products highlighted for attracting the most attention at Canoecopia 2013.

The Relentless Pursuit of Wood-and-Canvas Perfection

03.12.2013 //

Gull Lake Boat Works’ Marc Russell talks about the crafting canoes the old-fashioned way: milling ribs, planks, gunwales and stems from cedar and ash, then steam-bending it around an age-old building form, wrapping the hull in canvas and producing carefully varnished and vibrantly painted works of fully functional art. Watch the video of Russell breaking down wood-and-canvas canoe construction.

Across the “Otherworldly” North

03.10.2013 //

After securing a prestigious Royal Canadian Geographical Society grant, a core group of Camp Wabun staffers and alums launched Coppermine 2012, a 1,500-mile expedition across the barrens of Canada’s Northwest and Nunavut Territories to the Arctic Ocean, setting off from Yellowknife on July 1, tackling the big waters of Great Slave Lake in three canoes, then across the Barrenlands, hoping to inspire the Inuit communities along the way.

Under Human Power

03.08.2013 //

Darrell Gardner’s eight-and-a-half year epic self-propelled mission from the U.S.-Mexico border to the Arctic Ocean was inspired by a dream, not a last-ditch effort to set his life on a new course. Read more about the Santa Fe, N.M.-based registered nurse’s unprecedented human-powered journey that he began at age 50 and finished in August.

Lessons Learned from the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition

03.07.2013 //

Checking in with Pete Marshall, whose video teaser from the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition just earned an IMAX Award and a $25,000 prize, presented by IMAX, Newsweek & The Daily Beast, for exhibiting the keen “ability to take audiences on an adventure through explorations in filmmaking.” Learn more about the 130-day, 2,600-mile expedition from the Pacific Ocean to Hudson Bay documented in a four-part CanoeKayak.com series.

Paddling to the Public

03.05.2013 //

Two remote ponds and part of a brook in New York’s Adirondack wilderness might have been off limits to paddlers and the general public had a state Supreme Court judge not recently ruled in Phil Brown’s favor. But on Feb. 25, Judge Richard T. Aulisi ruled that the waterways Brown traversed are navigable and open to the public. Read more about the access implications of the ruling.

The Crazy Canuck

02.19.2013 //

A look at canoeist Kevin Callan’s new book, Dazed But Not Confused, which inspires wilderness adventure, and highlights many of the popular Canadian author’s paddling misadventures.

Boob Tube

02.18.2013 //

The story behind the recent release of “Tits Deep: Chapter 1,” which documents Canadian Katrina Van Wijk and a cadre of hard-charging ladies road-tripping and kayaking around the U.S., hitting whitewater hot-spots from Washington state to West Virginia.

Best of the Rest

02.15.2013 //

A photo-essay flipbook featuring our favorite picks from the past 40 years of paddling photos that didn’t fit into our special March anniversary issue.

Skook Classified

02.15.2013 //

The final episode of CanoeKayak.com’s exclusive 4-part series, Skook Classified, detailing the unique invitational sea kayak competition to “push long-boat surfing to the next level” at one freestyle kayaking’s most hallowed grounds: the tidal rapids at Skookumchuck Narrows, B.C.

Who is Aniol Serrasolses?

02.08.2013 //

A look at Spanish paddler Aniol Serrasolses through the words of his peers, including an couple of eye-popping highlight reels from Chile and from Aniol his brother Gerd’s globetrotting, drop-hucking travels.

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