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A Mid-Atlantic Holiday at Sea

12.24.2013 //

Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean, midway between Europe and North America, Polish super-paddler Aleksander Doba is spending Christmas alone in a 23-foot-long, 39-inch-wide kayak. In October, the tireless 67-year-old departed Portugal. Next stop: Florida.

MADE IN CANADA Episode 5: B.C.’s Elk River

12.19.2013 //

Episode 5 of Five2Nine’s Made in Canada series features British Columbia’s Elk River, seen through the stokes of one of B.C.’s top expedition paddlers, Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan, and his wife Lianne Germaine. C&K caught up with St. Jean-Duncan to tell us about his favored hometown run and on keeping paddling and work local to balance a stacked schedule of elite steep-creek races and big expeditions.

End of the Worlds

11.27.2013 //

Update from the 2013 International Rafting Federation White Water Rafting World Championships in New Zealand, where the US men’s and women’s teams both finished seventh overall. Brazil won the men’s world title, while New Zealand won the women’s title.

Why Paddle The Mississippi — Part 2: International Appeal

11.25.2013 //

The River Gator crew celebrates the opening of the new Lower Mississippi River Water Trail in three parts, paddling the next section from Memphis, Tenn., to Helena, Ark., while exploring the river’s longtime lore and appeal in the minds of international travelers who visit its muddy waters.

MADE IN CANADA Episode 4: The Ashlu

11.23.2013 //

Episode 4 of Five2Nine’s Made in Canada series features British Columbia’s Ashlu River, seen through the stokes of one of B.C.’s top paddlers, Steve Arns

5 Good Reasons … You Should Not Raft the Middle Kings

11.23.2013 //

Video and full story from our Dec. 2013 issue detailing Dan McCain and Jeff Compton’s bold multi-day descent of one of the High Sierra’s signature river-running tests: tackling all 14 miles of hiking and 40 miles of technical wilderness paddling down the Middle Fork Kings.

US women’s raft team grabs early bronze

11.22.2013 //

Update from the 2013 International Rafting Federation White Water Rafting World Championships in New Zealand, where the US women took a third place in the Head-to-Head race and the men took fourth in the Sprint as both strong finishes build overall points to a world championship finale this weekend.

THE INSIDE LINE: Onondaga Nation Chief Jake Edwards

11.14.2013 //

This episode of The Inside Line looks at Chief Jake Edwards of the Onondaga Nation, who provides more background on this summer’s Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign paddle across New York and down the Hudson River.

OPINION: Flood Paddling Problems

11.07.2013 //

Paddler David Spiegel weighs in on the risks and rewards of capitalizing on Colorado’s historically rainy fall season, raising questions about paddler responsibilities in a flood-ravaged disaster zones.


11.06.2013 //

Six new drysuits highlighted in the December 2013 issue of Canoe & Kayak and put through an “exclusive, super-scientific, extra-qualitative stress test,” by Contributing Editor Joe Jackson.

Mapping the Lower Mississippi Water Trail

11.06.2013 //

The River Gator project to build a paddler’s guide to the Lower Mississippi Water Trail gains momentum with the website live at rivergator.org, and as paddlers embark on the first of three November trips to mark the expansion of the trail, which outfitter/water trail architect John Ruskey describes as “the longest free-flowing water trail in the continental United States, over 1155 miles from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico.”

My Happy Thought

11.04.2013 //

Our August 2013 Letter of the Month award winner, Nebraska paddler Bruce Tomes, sharing the tale of his battle with cancer, inspired by his goal to kayak again with his granddaughter

5 Things We Discovered

10.23.2013 //

The sea kayak team behind last year’s tsunami debris-hunting Ikkatsu Project shifts its focus from Washington to south-central Alaska, where they explored Augustine Island on one of the least-visited and wildest shorelines in Cook Inlet this summer, and (unfortunately) found what they were looking for … and more.


10.21.2013 //

“Followed by his pet mallard, John Lawrence Jolley stepped out of a battered aluminum canoe adorned with a cow’s skull, wearing a stained suit with black work books, a wool beret over a baseball cap, and designer women’s sunglasses. He rolled a smoke and began talking.” Our correspondent reports from the 12th Annual Phatwater Challenge in Mississippi.

Fully Loaded

10.09.2013 //

When it rains in Quebec, it pours, especially during a Canadian crew’s unprecedented high-water descent of the remote Magpie River this summer using a fleet of Dagger Greenboats. Read the story and watch the latest installment of the ‘Made in Canada’ series featuring the Magpie’s local paddlers, shot prior to the descent.

Disappointment at the Grand Canyon

10.01.2013 //

The government shutdown that began today left employees at national parks across the nation temporarily furloughed, forcing the parks to shut off access. The restrictions hit hard for private, permit-holding paddlers with scheduled October launch dates in the Grand Canyon National Park. One day in, Arizona outfitters and paddlers are already feeling the economic impact.

The Show Must Go On

09.12.2013 //

On-site preview coverage of the 2013 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, with a look at the top US contenders in 19-year-old Michal Smolen and C-1/C-2 dual competitor Casey Eichfeld.

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