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Bugging out? Eddy’s Got Answers

Bugging out? Eddy's Got Answers

Eddy's got answers regarding eating leather boots and bug repellants.

An Aquaphile Story

Going Deep

For the last decade, the smoky joint Under-the-Hill Saloon has also served as the headquarters for the Phatwater Challenge, a 42-mile race that finishes at the boat ramp below this bar in Natchez, Mis[...]

Gallery—Benjamin Hjort

Gallery - Upper Valldal River, Norway

Gallery - Upper Valldal River, Norway

Testing Boundaries

Testing Boundaries - Testing the USU

The Usumacinta has a reputation as one of the best river trips in the world, and also one of the most dangerous. It forms the border between Mexico and Guatemala through the heart of the Mayan region,[...]