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Rides: Marcia Seaman’s Hornbeck Ten

11.12.2014 //

A local guide introduced her to “pack” canoes — a unique style of compact vessel designed for the small lakes and long portages of the Adirondacks, with roots dating back over a century. Seaman rented a 10-foot solo for her first journey and was amazed at its nimble handling.

Mike Ranta finishes 4,750-mile adventure

11.10.2014 //

Mike Ranta shares lessons learned during a seven-month, cross-Canada canoe voyage from B.C. to Nova Scotia: “We’ve got something really special (in Canada) and we need to keep it this way. We can’t let the mighty dollar change our attitudes on that. That kind of pride is not for sale.”

Canoeist Keith Lynch’s New (4,000-mile) American Dream

11.07.2014 //

Keith Lynch was tired of his office job and wanted a challenge. He resigned and committed to a now five-month canoe trek from Montana back home to Dallas 4,000 miles down the Jefferson, Missouri, Mississippi, Red and Trinity Rivers.

Across the Canadian Subartic

11.05.2014 //

Adam Maxwell relives his six-member crew’s 56-day, 907-mile summer expedition across the Canadian subarctic, tracing eight wild waterways from the heart of the Canadian hinterlands to the Hudson Bay coast.

Kayak For Safe Passage

10.27.2014 //

Catching up with Deborah Walters, a 63-year-old grandmother and retired research scientist, who is paddling solo down the U.S. Atlantic coast to the southern tip of Florida, where she will sail to Central America and continue south in her stitch-and-glue plywood kayak to Guatemala, raising awareness and funds for children living in a garbage dump community in Guatemala City.

Expert Advice: Going Big on Lake Superior

10.21.2014 //

Reader Kirk Sloan seeks and finds some expert feedback on his five-day kayaking trip itinerary from his first open-water overnight sea kayak expedition this summer to Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Ultimate senior project: the custom kayak

10.09.2014 //

“Having put in the work to make it a reality and having felt the effort that went into every fiber makes the boat that much more special for me.” — Quinn Connell, who recently paddled his way to an engineering degree at Dartmouth, using an independent study to learn the pitfalls and rewards of crafting a custom composite freestyle kayak.

Catching up with Sam Grafton

09.25.2014 //

After a collision with a paddling partner fractured his jaw in two places and compromised his 2013 paddling season, Index, Wash.-based boater Sam Grafton knew he wanted to go big this season. The accident happened on one of Grafton’s favorite runs—Tumwater Canyon of Washington’s Wenatchee River, which was flowing at a whopping 15,000 cfs. Grafton […]

Rides: Jerry Nowak’s Necky Manitou 14

09.19.2014 //

The Necky Manitou 14 might be a bit slower and get bounced around more than the longer boats, but it always feels stable and chugs steadily along.

Mississippi Madness

11.27.2013 //

Every year, paddlers test their mettle on the longest river in North America. C&K caught up with two seasoned expedition paddlers looking to finish their separate, ambitious months-long bids to complete the through-paddle journey before the holiday season, connecting with Lucas Will south of St. Louis, and Natalie Warren on a layover in Memphis.

Pushing to the Source of the Columbia River

10.31.2013 //

The journey from the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific Ocean to its headwaters in British Columbia has been nearly a year in the works:

Dispatch: Upper Amazon

10.11.2013 //

Interview with Darcy Gaechter part-way through the top leg of her team’s current Amazon source-to-sea expedition, where Gaechter is attempting to be the first woman to complete the descent. Says Gaechter of paddling by an active dam construction site on the Mantaro: “The engineers knew we were coming and agreed to stop blasting for the day, which is a very good thing, otherwise, we would all probably be dead.”

He’s Baaaaack

10.01.2013 //

Aleksander Doba, 67, embarks today (Oct. 1) on his second crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in three years, a 5,200-mile expedition from Lisbon, Portugal, to Florida projected to take four months. The Polish sea kayaker’s 3,345-mile, 99-day crossing from Senegal to Brazil from late 2010 into early 2011 set a new record for the longest trans-oceanic paddling journey.

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