Charli Kerns

Charli Kerns

Charli is the online editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine. Her boating career started with kayaking in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She picked up canoeing in New England where she got her master's in science journalism. She has since switched mainly to whitewater canoeing and multi-day adventures though picks up the play boat and creeker from time to time.

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Growing the Lozer Community

08.09.2013 //

Entering its third race of the season, the Lozer Cup season grows New England’s whitewater culture.

2013 Male Paddler of the Year

08.02.2013 //

Evan Garcia takes the win for 2013 Male Paddler of the Year.

Jaques Moosteau

07.29.2013 //

Eddy, the beloved boating guru in Canoe & Kayak’s print, has come to the website. This story featured in the July 2007 issue and goes over swimming moose, whitewater parks and crafting a paddle.

Moose Race

07.18.2013 //

The Moose Race, held during the fall Moose Fest, is the final and most famous event of the King of New York series.

The People Have Spoken

07.17.2013 //

The first annual People’s Choice Photo Contest, presented by Body Glove Footwear, has come to a close! Find out who the winners are.

Potomac Fest 2013: Remembering Shannon Christy

07.15.2013 //

While the annual Potomac River Festival didn’t exactly go as planned, it did do exactly what Jason had set out to accomplish, showcase the amazing strength and community found in whitewater paddling. In the end, the Potomac River Festival members experienced loss but also celebration of life through paddling and competition.

Seaward Compass SR-140

07.12.2013 //

A look at the Seaward Compass SR-140

Big River, Bigger Picture

07.05.2013 //

During his venture down South America’s longest river as part of his 7 Continent project, Mark Kalch discovers that paddling the Amazon was more about the interactions he made with the people who live off the river than the run itself.

Independence Paddle

07.04.2013 //

The how and why of paddling in New York City for Fourth of July

5 Top Fireworks Floats for the 4th

07.03.2013 //

C&K’s list of top 5 cities to watch the Fourth of July fireworks display from canoe or kayak

Looking at the Lozer Year

07.02.2013 //

The 2013 Lozer Cup series kicked off this Sunday with sunshine and great levels on the Deerfield River in Northwestern Massachusetts. The solid field of competition produced a number of surprises leaving everyone guessing about who is going to win the coveted Lozer Cup at the end of the season.


07.01.2013 //

Voting extended through midnight (PST), Monday, July 8 for 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards presented by Verizon. It’s your last chance to vote for this year’s stacked list of nominees across seven categories: Male and Female Paddler of the Year, Filmmaking Achievement, Paddle With Purpose, the Spirit of Adventure Award and Expedition of the Year, plus the Photo of the Year presented by Body Glove Footwear.

Who Wants to be a Lozer?

06.28.2013 //

The annual Lozer Cup series in New England brings a new edge to wildwater racing.

Peace, Love and Paddling

06.27.2013 //

Tommy Yonley makes history as being the first US paddler to race in the Rio Nazas Regata, pushing past the threats lying at border-crossing and international fright to win a race half a century old.

June 2013

06.26.2013 //

Prologue Exploring What Matters True Source The discovery of a potential new source of the Amazon ignites a race to (re)claim one of expedition paddling’s biggest prize. Put In Inside the journal of two intrepid explorers currently crossing the Brazilian Amazon basin from north to south. Destinations Looking at Equador

May 2013

06.26.2013 //

Prologue Living the Love Covert Operators Seven remarkable paddlers you’ve never heard of—fiercely independent kayakers under the radar Put In Grand Prix: How the logistical chaos of taking the WWGP to chile pushed kayak competition to another level. Destinations Seven unlikely gems to paddle

Help the Coast Guard Help You

06.26.2013 //

June’s installment of Staying Safe with the Coast Guard. Canoe & Kayak magazine teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard to provide monthly service stories on how to stay safe while paddling on the ocean.

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